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Bayanihan (translation: Cooperation) is the name of two separate paintings by notable Filipino artists.

Bayanihan by Antonio Austria

One painting named Bayanihan was created by Antonio Austria in oil on plywood.[1] It is considered one of Austria's finest works that illustrates figures for a mature composition.


Art experts say the painting is essentially notable for its refinement and how it simplifies the picture of a community building a house. It shows bayanihan - loosely translated as  cooperation within the community - a highly valued Filipino value.[1]

The beams, posts, and scaffolds of the house that the community is building together become the foundation of the picture's design.

Bayanihan by Romulo Galicano

Another notable painting named Bayanihan was created by Romulo Galicano in 1987 showing group of fisherfolk in cooperation. It is found in the United Laboratories Inc. Collection. It has a dimension of 81.28 x 157.48 centimeters.[1]


In this painting done in oil on canvas, Galicano employs a realistic style of painting that depicts fine scenes from everyday life. It consists of two groups of numerous human figures.[1]

A scene nearest to the viewer is a young woman and two male rowers of the boat ready for catching fish in the open water.

In another scene, a group of fisherfolk are sorting out the fish that are caught. The young woman in the boat is the only woman and the only human figure whose face is vividly seen thus it becomes the focus of the picture.


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