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On December 12, 1904, the Battle of Dolores was fought by the native Filipinos against their fellow Filipinos of the Philippine Constabulary, serving under the American armed forces. It happened in Samar, Philippines as part of the war between the Philippines and the United States of America or the Philippine-American War.

The Battle

Along the Dolores River of Samar, Lieutenant Stephen Hayt led the 38th Philippine Constabulary Scout to patrol the area and to eventually link up with another Constabulary Scout unit and a Constable Company under Lieutenant Hendryx. The scouts, however, were met by an ambush of the Pulajans, a group of native Filipino followers of the religious movement Pulajanism, known for their trademark color red (red is “pula” in Philippine language). Though they lack military training, Pulajans were organized and notorious fighters, especially in hand-to-hand combat. That particular group of Pulajans was under the leadership of Pedro dela Cruz.

Over 1000 Pulajans, waving colorful banners and shouting “Tad-Tad!” (Cut to pieces!), attacked the Constabulary unit, a group of only 38 scouts. In turn, the scouts actively repelled the advance of the Pulajans by their accurate and unceasing rifle fires.

The Outcome

With the advantage in number, the Pulajans eventually surrounded and wiped out the Constabulary force leaving only Lieutenant Stephen Hayt as a survivor, but he nonetheless was severely wounded. However, the Pulajans also lost a great number of people on their side. As much as 300 of them were dead before the 38th Philippine Constabulary force fell.

After the battle, in addition to the Pulajans' victory, they were able to gain a significant number of ammunitions including 38 Krags rifles.

Two weeks later the same group of Pulajansa won another victory against another Scout unit. From there they got moe ammunitions and later on, these rifles they looted were the ones they used in their fight in Balangiga.


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