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For the municipality, see Dasmariñas, Cavite

Dasmariñas Village, also known as Dasmariñas or simply Dasma, is a private subdivision and gated community in Makati City, Metro Manila, Philippines. It occupies 187.21 hectares and is bounded by Epifanio de los Santos Avenue to the north, McKinley Road to the northeast, Pili Avenue/Forbes Park South to the east, Maricaban Creek to the south, and Ecology Village to the west. Politically, it is roughly coterminous with Barangay Dasmariñas. It is home to approximately 8,500 residents who are citizens of at least twenty-eight countries. The village is managed by the Dasmariñas Village Association (DVA), whose current president is Leslie Anne Cruz.


Dasmariñas Village was developed by Ayala y Compañía in the early 1960s and was originally conceived of as part of Forbes Park. DVA was incorporated in 1965, while Barangay Dasmariñas was established in 1971.

Barangay Officials (expires 2010)

Barangay Captain: Ma. Filomena L. Rosales

Barangay Councilors (Kagawad):

     .Nancy Uy
     .Atty.Victor Alimurung
     .Atty.Eddie Hernandez
     .Martin John Arenas
     .Eduardo Tangkiang
     .Cecil Pecson
     .Vincent Cheng

SK Chairman: Ms. Angela Gomez

Barangay Secretary: Dr. Ma. Encarnacion R. Legaspi

Barangay Treasurer: Cesar J. Bautista

Colegio San Agustin on Palm Avenue was founded in 1968.

In 2003, the soldiers behind the failed Oakwood mutiny were discovered to have concealed weapons inside a house in Dasmariñas.


Dasmariñas Village contains two parks (Campanilla Park and Mahogany Park), a post office, an enclosed pavillion that is rented out for private functions, a gym, a basketball and badminton court, and a tennis court. In addition, Barangay Dasmariñas runs a medical clinic and a dental clinic for residents and their hired help.


Dasmariñas Village is well-known in Metro Manila for its heavy security. Private security guards are posted at the village's six entrance gates and patrol the village twenty-four hours a day. The village is set off from its surroundings by high walls and vehicles must normally display DVA stickers in order to enter. In addition, many residences have their own security guards.

Notable residents

Dasmariñas Village contains the embassies of China, the Czech Republic, Egypt, India, Iraq, Libya, Nigeria, Papua New Guinea, Qatar, Romania, Russia, Sri Lanka, and Turkey and the consulates of Oman and Vanuatu. The village is also home to many prominent politicians and businesspeople, such as Juan Ponce Enrile and Jose de Venecia.


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