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The Bagobo were the first ethnic group in Mindanao encountered by the Spaniards at the end of the nineteenth century. Its name was derived from the words "bago" meaning "new' and "obo/obbo/uvu" meaning "growth",or "grow" which refer to a recent formation of people along the Davao Gulf coast.

The Bagobo are proud people with proto-Malayan features. They have light brown complexion, brown or brownish black wavy to curly hair, dark and widely set eyes, ridge broad nose and full,rounded lips.

The ancient settlement of the Bagobo is called Sibulan and serves as the center of all the Bagobo settlements when the Spaniards came. A strong social structure has enabled the groups to blend well with the main body politic while retaining their indigenous customs, beliefs and values.

The Bagobos have ornate traditions in weaponry and other metal arts.They are noted for their skill in producing brass articles through the ancient lost-wax process. They also weave abaca cloths of earth tones and make baskets that are trimmed with beads, fibers, and horses hair.




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