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The B'laans are another pro-Malayan indigenous group that inhabits the southern part of South Cotabato and southeastern part of Davao del Sur and the areas around Buluan Lake in North Cotabato.Their name could have derived from "bila" meaning "house" and the suffix "an" meaning "people". Other terms used to refer to this group are Blaan, Bira-an, Baraan, Vilanes,and Bilanes.

B'laans adhere to sedentary form of agriculture and engage in other economic endeavors for their subsistence and development. Although many have adapted the ways of the modern Filipino and have been integrated into the main body politic, they still believe and practice their indigenous rituals and customs.

B'laans observe certain rituals in their planting cycle. In these rituals, they make offerings to their deities requesting for signs to know where to best make a clearing for a particular planting season. One of this is the mabah or offering to the deities requesting omens that would help them choose the fields for planting.

B'laans practice swidden farming as the main agricultural method. They grow rice, corn, sugarcane, banana, papaya, and other rootcrops. Some of their crops are used as barter commodities in exchange for tools and other utensils that they need. Domestic animals include a few chickens, dogs, cats and ocassionally pigs, deer and other animals. Gathering rattan and almaciga are widely practiced to increase income.




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