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Avenue Q is a Tony Award-winning musical written by Filipino-American Bobby Lopez with Jeff Marx. It was presented by Atlantis Productions in the RCBC Theater in September and December 2007 and had its farewell run in June 2008. The play uses a Sesame Street-like setting, complete with puppets, to present in a lighthearted way the struggles of the residents of a simple neighborhood with relationships and careers. Despite the setting, the material of the play is for adults only though it can also be seen by teenagers and kids but with parental guidance.


The conflicts of the characters are well established at the beginning, with each one comparing his or her problems with the others. Princeton, a recently graduated English major, wonders what to do with his life; Brian has lost his job and wishes he could be a professional comedian; Kate Monster frets over her lack of a boyfriend; roommates Rod and Nicky pick on each other's personal habits; Brian's Japanese fiancee Christmas Eve complains that despite her master's degrees in therapy she can only get work in a Korean deli; and Gary Coleman moans about being a has-been child star. Throughout the play, the characters try to better their situation only to worsen it. Rod throws out Nicky for constantly insisting he is gay, Princeton and Kate start dating but break up because of Princeton's obsession with finding his purpose, and Brian can't make people laugh. In the end, everyone cheerfully accepts that his or her situation, good or bad, is, in the words of the closing song, "only for now."


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