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Asocena is a dish primarily consisting of dog meat originating from the Philippines. The dish's name is a portmanteau, from aso, the Filipino word for "dog" and Spanish word cena, which means "dinner" or "an evening meal", the literal translation being "dog-meal" or "a meal of dog meat". It may also be a play on the Spanish name Azucena, which is also used to describe a variety of fragrant, white rice.


Cleaned dog meat is boiled in strong vinegar for about an hour. Salt and a little water is added while the meat is boiling. It is important not to stir the mixture to preserve the potency of the vinegar. The flame is brought to a lower temperature and cubed potatoes, pepper and soy sauce are added to the meat. When the potatoes are done, tomato sauce, tomato paste, garbanzos, green peas and bay laurel leaves are added to the mixture. After a few minutes, it may be served.


Asocena is usually consumed as pulutan (Filipino; snacks or food served while drinking alcoholic beverages).


For more information please see . In the Philippines, Republic Act 8485 (Philippine Animal Welfare Act) has made the practice illegal since 1998.

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