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Waterfall at Asin by Rickyli99

Asin Hot Springs is a complex of natural mineral hot springs found in Tuba, Benguet, close to Baguio City in the Philippines. A variety of resorts have been built around these hot springs, which attract locals and tourists who are visiting Baguio. The springs are popular for their hot therapeutic waters, especially during the cold months. In summer, the resorts make use of cool mountain spring water instead for their swimming pools. The hot springs see the most visitors from November until about May.


Set among lush tropical vegetation and highland forests, the Asin Hot Springs provide wonderful views of the hills and forests. Asin is a sitio of Barrio Nangalisan in the town of Tuba in Benguet. The hot springs are about 16 kilometers away from Kayang Street above the Baguio Public Market. Jeepneys can take visitors to the hot spring from here for about 20 pesos. By car, Asin is about a half hour drive away from Baguio on new concrete roads. Along the road to the hot springs there are wood carvers’ workshops, mountain views, and waterfalls. Of historic interest are two tunnels dug in the 1850s using prison labor that have remained intact despite the devastating earthquake in 1990.

The water

The invigorating mountain spring water, which contains therapeutic minerals like calcium, sulfates, and chloride, is said to help improve the circulation of the blood, purify the skin, heal rashes, and give relief to those suffering from arthritis, rheumatism, and neuralgia. The water in the springs bubbles up from vents in the mountains and the foothills of the southern Cordilleras. The source of the hot sulphuric water is believed to be Mt. Cabuyao, a dormant volcano.


The area was first developed as a tourist destination in the 1930s. Today, there are 5 major resorts in the area. The newest of these is the Palm Grove Hot Springs & Mountain Resort. Other popular resorts include Sulphuric Swimming Pools and the Riverview Waterpark


The resorts offer pools and jacuzzis that tap into the natural mineral water from the mountain. Hot therapeutic waters are available throughout the year, but cold mountain spring water is used in the swimming pools during the hot months.

All of the hot spring resorts have clean modern bathrooms, some featuring steam baths. They offer accommodations at reasonable rates. Some of the resorts also provide venues for seminars and conferences that can accommodate as many as 100 people. Restaurants in the resorts usually stay open until around 10 pm.


Entrance fees to the resorts range from Php 80 to 100 for use of the pools during the day or at night. There are usually special lower rates for children. Rates for accommodations vary depending on the facilities in the rooms, with higher rates for air conditioned rooms. Prices for accommodations range from Php 800 to 2,000 per day.


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