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The Arumanen-Manobos refers to the indigenous people found in the Province of North Cotabato. They belong to the original proto-Philippine stock.

Arumanen-Manobos find their main means of subsistence on food gathering and swidden agriculture (kaingin system). Both men and women take part in the burden of work.

The head of the Arumanen-Manobo group is the Timuey or Daft who calls the people to meetings. In earlier times, Arumanen social structure consists of five classes, namely: the Timuey(governance group), the Valian or "Shaman" (spiritual leaders), the warrior, the commoner, and the slave.

At present, the Arumanens still adhere to certain rites or rituals. They have the annual Samayaan festival celebrated to seek for a sign of what blessings and misfortunes the coming year will bring to the community. It is held annually on the last week of December as a thanksgiving to the gods and deities for the whole year.




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