Armada de Molucca

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Armada de Molucca, or Armada del Moluco was the fleet commanded by Portuguese navigator Ferdinand Magellan in his expedition to reach the Spice Island (Moluccas). Originally consisting of five ships, four of the ships reached the Philippines. After Magellan's death in the Battle of Mactan, Sebastian Elcano led the two remaining ships to the Spice Islands, where they obtained massive quantities of cloves. However, only one ship, the Victoria, managed to return to Spain, completing the circumnavigation of the world.


A modern replica of the Victoria in the Nao Victoria Museum, Punta Arenas, Chile

The fleet initially consisted of five ships, with Trinidad being the flagship. The Santiago was a caravel, with the other four ships classified as carracks (Spanish "carraca" or "nao"; Portuguese "nau").Template:Sfn The Victoria was the only ship to complete the circumnavigation. Details of the ships' configuration are not known, as no contemporary illustrations exist of any of the ships.Template:Sfn



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