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Anito is the name of spirits, which may be deceased ancestors or nature-spirits or diwatas. Native Filipinos usually keep idols to represent these spirits and to ask guidance and even magical protection. Although the belief seems to have vanished, Filipinos may have incorporated it into their version of Catholicism, which is called folk Catholicism.

In popular culture

Anito is also a name of a computer game in the Philippines by Anino Entertainment. Released in November 2003 with the full title Anito: Defend A Land Enraged, it is a single-player role-playing game set in 16th century Asia. When Datu Maktan, leader of the Mangatiwala tribe and the land's most influential peacemaker, mysteriously disappears, it is up to his children Agila and Maya to find him and restore the delicate peace that their father has kept in balance, before conflicting forces tear the land apart.

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