Angela Markado

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Angela Markado is wriiten by Carlo J. Caparas and Illustrated by Abe Ocampo is about vengeful young woman named Angela who kill her rapists one by one it turned film by Lino Brocka in 1980 which stars Hilda Koronel as Angela. in 2009 GMA will remake Tv Series with Katrina Halli


Angela was poor waitness who living her loving mother who quit as laundrywoman. when 5 gang members who sold to young girs into prostitution. Angela was raped and writed by 5 men on names on back before to the brothel. Angela was saved by hostess but return she find out her mother passed away and her best friend also raped by same men before kill herself she makes it her life's mission to kill the five men by wearing wigs and costumes, and stalking the men with a handy switchblade.