Ang Tundo Man May Langit Din

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“Ang Tundo Man May Langit Din” is one of the notorious novels written by Andres Cristobal Cruz.


The novel tells the reader about the different kinds of people with different problems. Flor was impregnated by Tonyo without knowing that he already had a wife. Alma is a rich-kid who falls in love with Victor who belongs to a poor family. Alma's father had an affair with their helper Dolores. And Victor, the main character of the novel, always believes that Tondo, despite its bad image, has its own good reputation he is willing to prove it.


  • Victor del Mundo - lives in Tondo and wishes that someday he will find the heaven for his place
  • Alma Fuertes - a rich kid who chose to live a simple life. She believes that heaven is in Tondo and the heaven of her world is Victor.
  • Flor - a childhood friend of Victor who once became his beloved one, part of his life, and dreamt together with him in Tondo. She marries Tonyo and later discovers that he already has a family.
  • Tonyo – the father of Flor's child
  • Chabeng - the real wife of Tonyo. She has a severe illness.
  • Aling Sion - Victor's mother
  • Lukas - Victor's older brother who is popular in their place.
  • Tatong Bamban - Lukas' close friend who helps him with his misfortunes
  • Paeng Gasti- one of Lukas' close friends
  • Pilo - one of Lukas' close friends
  • Dolores - former helper of Alma's family who was raped by Alma's father
  • Mr. Fuertes - Alma's father
  • Mrs. Fuertes - Alma's mother
  • Pocholo - Alma's brother
  • Monching - Alma's close friend who has deep affection to her
  • Minnie - Alma's cousin




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