Ang Singsing nang Dalagang Marmol

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The Ang Singsing nang Dalagang Marmol is a novel written by Isabelo de los Reyes. It was first published in Ang Kapatid ng Bayan in 1903 before it was translated into Spanish in El Grito del Puelblo two years later. When the original Tagalog manuscript was lost, Carlos B. Raimundo translated the text back to Tagalog in 1912.

The novel tells the story of a soldier in the Filipino-American war period who falls in love with a woman from whom he draws strength and inspiration to fight for his country.


The story is narrated by Colonel Puso, a Filipino soldier fighting against the Americans, on April 23, 1899. He narrates how he meets a woman named Liwayway from Baliwag. Aside from having incomparable beauty, Liwayway is a woman with a pure heart. Instantly smitten, he pursues her and reveals his feelings. But an old man wary of his intentions takes Liwayway away from him. Colonel Puso later receives a message that Liwayway is already married to an American. One day, Liwayway returns to find out that Colonel Puso is badly wounded. She tends to him and when he awakens, she reveals who she really is and the reason behind her disappearance.


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