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Ang Monghita! was written by Fausto J. Galauran in 1929. The novel tells about the rivalry of sisters Naty and Bebang who both fall in love with a man named Roberto.[1]


Roberto is a handsome man who is popular with the women in town. He is courting Naty but Naty wants him to first win over her family. However, conflict ensues when Naty discovers that Bebang, her older sister, is falling in love with Roberto.[1]

Meanwhile, Roberto gets jealous of Naty’s friend Edong and shifts his attention to Bebang. Naty is hurt when she finds out about her beau’s wandering attention. She confesses to a priest about her problems and afterwards, to avoid a family scandal, decides to become a monk instead of fighting for her love for Roberto. She enters a convent and “marries” her ultimate lover - God.

Film version

In 1931, a film based on this book by Galauran was released. Aside from “Ang Monghita”, it was also known as “The Young Nun”.[2] It was directed by Jose Nepomuceno and starred Jose Padilla Jr., Rosita Rivera and Antonia Santos.


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