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Andrea Liwaswas is a novel written by Roman Reyes in the early part of the American occupation of the Philippines. It is a bleak portrait of the modern Filipina as seen in light of American colonization.


The protagonist is Andrea, a Filipina whose rather skewed view of modern love comes from Western texts. For her, love is merely a pleasurable game that people play. She becomes unfaithful to her husband and seduces her former lover, who is married to her best friend. In the end, she suffers the consequences of toying with love and people's hearts.


The image of the modern and Westernized Filipina was looked upon with distaste and disapproval by the writers of the early American period. They saw the change in womens’ attitudes due to American influence, exemplified in Andrea Liwaswas, as a decline of moral uprightness and traditional values.

The book was also a social critique of the negative implications of the early Americanization of the Philippines. Other novels sharing this theme are Sampagitang Walang Bango, Anak ng Dumalaga, and Mga Anak-Bukid.

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