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Amburayan Queen is an acrylic painting by Prudencio Lamarroza. It is made in series with elements derived from ethnic designs. Lamarroza's inspiration for this series is the great Amburayan River and the ethnic culture that grows along its banks. It shows the spirit of a river as well as the symbol of nature.[1]

Artist's background

During his childhood, Lamarroza frequented the banks of the Amburayan River that flanked the village that he lived in. He had been born in Ambalayat, a barrio in Tagudin, Ilocos Sur.[2]

His origins and childhood experiences greatly influenced his artistic works, leading him to chronicle through paintings life along the river of Amburayan, as well as other scenes inspired by his childhood.

History of the painting

The Amburayan Queen was unveiled at 6 p.m. at the start of its exhibition at the Metro Gallery in Makati City from 14 February to 28 February 1975. Art historians speculate that Lamarroza’s painting Girl with a Butterfly for the Shell art competition while he was a student was a prototype for the masterpiece.[3]

Along with the Amburayan Queen, his paintings of women from his home province were received well, with critics calling them unforgettable for their hypnotic and enigmatic eyes. They noted that the “great matriarchs” and women in his paintings wielded power and “challenged the assumed superiority of man… [while also] ensnaring him.”[2]

Lamarroza eventually put together a collection of similar paintings of women from Amburayan, which he called The Amburayan Queen Series.[4]

In 1995, the painting was shown abroad in a one-man exhibition at the Pre-Methodist Gallery Hall in Chelsea, England. The show was sponsored by the Department of Foreign Affairs.[2]


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