Alega Gang: Public Enemy No.1 of Cebu

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Alega Gang: Public Enemy No.1 of Cebu is a 1988 action crime film co-edited and directed by Pepe Marcos and written by Jose N. Carreon. It stars Ramon 'Bong' Revilla and Robin Padilla in the lead roles, alongside Princess Punzalan, Beverly Vergel, Perla Bautista, Paquito Diaz, Zandro Zamora, Bomber Moran, and Baldo Marro. Set in Cebu, it tells an account of the life of Ulysses "Boboy" Alega (Revilla), and his descent into crime.

Produced by RNB Films Production, the film was released in June 1988, and was a box office success. Critic Lav Diaz gave a positive review of the film, commending its clear characterization of the main character in comparison to other films involving outlaws.


In 1985, jeepney driver Ulysses "Boboy" Alega loses his vehicle just as he needed money to pay his rent and buy medications for his child.[1] After he accidentally shoots and kills a person during a fight, Boboy is then imprisoned and tortured by the police.[1] With his release from prison, Boboy eventually joins a group involved in arms smuggling, and after some time its members come to consider him as their leader.[1]



Alega Gang was released in the Philippines in June 1988.[1]

Box office

The film was box office hit in the Philippines,[2] especially in Cebu City, where according to the Philippine Daily Inquirer, there was an alleged incident of people breaking a box office window while demanding tickets.[3][4]

Critical response

Lav Diaz, writing for Manila Standard, gave a favorable review of Alega Gang, commending its clear illustration of the main character as a victim of society, unlike many other films featuring "police characters".[1] Though he commented that Ulysses' final dying shout was "corny", he concluded that the film is a good addition to the list of intense Filipino action films.[1]


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