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Album ng mga Kabalbalan ni Kenkoy is the very first all comics magazine/book that was published in the Philippines in 1934. It is a compilation of Kenkoy strips that previously appeared in Liwayway magazine.

Kenkoy was written by Romualdo Ramos and illustrated by Tony Velasquez. Ramos' untimely death in 1932 left Velasquez to write the scripts alone. Thus from 1932 onwards, Velasquez wrote and illustrated Kenkoy.

File:Tony Velasquez.jpg
Tony Velasquez, Kenkoy's creator and the founding father of Philippine Komiks industry

In 1950, Kenkoy was made into a movie starring the popular comedian Lupito. There was a remake of the film in the 1960s starring Chiquito. In the 1990s, a succesful musical play was made starring Janno Gibbs as Kenkoy and Regine Velasquez as Rosing.

This Kenkoy comic book was recently reprinted(with gracious permission from Mrs. Pilar Tongco vda. de Velasquez) by komiks buff Dennis Villegas in 2004, exactly seventy years after it was first published. The copies of the comic book was immediately sold out and has since become also rare.

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