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The Agtas are found in the Bicol Peninsula and on the slopes of Mt. Asog, Iriga City. Like any other Aeta group, they call themselves and their language "Agta".

With a height of less than five feet, these dark-skinned, kinky-haired, pug-nosed, and thick-lipped people are generally bare footed and used to wear G-strings but now they wear shorts. The women wear clothes similar to lowlanders.

They get their food by means of "Kaingin" system.They practice polygamy since they marry at an early age of fourteen, the Agtas do not assent to family planning, believing that marriage is to produce offspring and that only God determines the number of children a couple will have. The Agtas belive in Anitos and the Spirits of the ancestors to whom they offer dances during rituals.

There is no organized political leadership. However, the older and more experienced males in the community are consulted for arbitration purposes.