Aginid Bayok Sa Atong Tawarik

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Aginid Bayok Sa Atong Tawarik (English: Glide On: Odes to Our History) is a Cebuano dance-epic which tells the story of Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan’s voyage to the Philippines and his death at the Battle of Mactan.[1]

The story also includes supposed events prior to the arrival of European explorers, such as the settling of the islands by Sumatrans and Lapulapu's return to Borneo, his father’s kingdom, after reconciling with Rajah Humabon.

Oral Tradition and Book

The dance-epic was published as a book by artist and local antiquarian Jovito Abellana in 1952. It was drawn by Abellana from oral tradition he inherited from his maternal grandfather.

Abellana's version of the epic is not the complete version of the Cebuano epic because he wrote down what he remembered of the song his grandfather taught him as a boy.[2]

While there is reason to believe the epic existed and was indeed passed down from his ancestors, the version written down by Abellana has also since been embellished to give more prominence to Humabon, who was originally Lapulapu's adversary.[3]


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