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Ace Publications the largest publisher of Tagalog komiks magazines in the Philippines and Asia from 1947 to 1962. It started with a humble beginning in 1947 until it led the big komiks industry in the Philippines. Founded by Tony Velasquez in 1947, Ace Publications was owned by publishing tycoon Don Ramon Roces.

Its first published komiks-magazine was entitled Pilipino Komiks in 1947 followed by Tagalog Klasiks in 1949; Hiwaga Komiks in 1950; Espesyal Komiks in 1952; Kenkoy Komiks in 1959. For a brief period of time there was a sixth komiks magazine, Educational Klasiks Komiks from 1961-62.

With the completion of the six komiks magazines, Ace formed the walls of the kingdom of Ace Publications that dominated the komiks industry in the Philippines. It may be the greatest Filipino komiks-publications of all time.


It was a one-man enterprise at first. Tony Velasquez was the editor, proofreader, retoucher, illustrator, advertising manager, messenger, solicitor and even janitor rolled into one.

With an initial capital of 10,000 pesos which was given by Don Ramon Roces the publisher of the Liwayway Magazine. The Office was located in the ground floor of the Liwayway building in Calero St., Sta. Cruz, Manila where Velasquez started his new company.

Ace’s first komiks-magazine was entitled Pilipino Komiks which symbolized only Tagalog komiks.The first issue of Pilipino Komiks hit the market because it was very affordable for the public.

It prospered and the initial capital of 10,000 was increased to 100,000. Profit from sales plus the regular whole page advertisement of Pepsi-Cola and several other small advertisers, managed to pull the publication up and succeed. For sometime, Pilipino Komiks monopolized the comic book market, it had no competition. Pilipino Komiks was, and still is, the Philippines best-selling comics-magazine.

Eventually as Ace Publications expanded and more staffs were hired, Velasquez lost his job as proofreader, advertising agent, retoucher, and janitor but fortunately, he still retained as the General Manager. He managed to rent in the compound of the Capitol Publishing House, Inc. from their small office at the Liwayway building was not enough for additional personnel.

Ace Publications encountered a crisis in 1962 when office and production stuff of the company held strike. These workers demanded a higher salary. Don Ramon encourage the workers to go back to work but they held their ground. In the following days, komiks production stopped and Don Ramon was forced to close the publication.


In 1968, a new Ace Publications was formed by Don Ramon Roces with Ramon Marcelino as editor.

Most memorable comics stories and serialized novels

  • El Indio, Darna
  • DI-13
  • Bondying
  • Dyesebel
  • Kalabog en Bosyo

Published Komiks

  • Pilipino Komiks
  • Tagalog Klasiks
  • Hiwaga Komiks
  • Espesyal Komiks
  • Kenkoy Komiks
  • Educational Klasiks Komiks

List of Komiks Titles


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