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Abangan Ang Susunod Na Kabanata is a political satire of the Philippine government. It's a situational comedy that depicts the lives of the common "tao" and their interactions with the "demi-gods" of politics. It shows the funny side of the state of Philippine affairs while making viewers very aware of what is really happening to the country. It was aired on ABS-CBN from February 4, 1991 to June 20, 1997. It was re-aired on Jeepney TV.

Cast and characters

Main cast

Actor Character Character description
Noel Trinidad Anding Tengco Anding Tengco is a corrupt congressman, an endless evil-doer, and a filthy rich womanizer. He will stop at nothing to get to the presidency, and conscience and truth are two words unknown to him. Due to his record of absence in Congress, he remains in his district office all the time with his scotch whisky.
Tessie Tomas Barbara Tengco Barbara is Anding's drug-crazed wife, whose only concerns in life are plastic surgery and shopping.
Anjo Yllana Dino Tengco Dino is the only child of Anding and Barbara—spoiled and vulgar. Violence is the only way he expresses himself, having grown up psychologically impaired: At a very young age, he got thrown out a building window and survived.
Joji Isla Del Del is the bodyguard of Anding, proverbial yes-man, hitman, and executor. He is as ruthless as his boss, more scheming than his boss's wife, and dangerously at par with his boss's son when it comes to violence. He is paid to protect his boss and protect him and his interests he will, though sick and dastardly they may be.
Nova Villa Tita Lagmay - delos Santos Tita delos Santos is the ultimate representation of a social climber. She is the constant companion of Barbara Tengco, and she's as cheap as they come, obsessed with plastic and easy moneymaking gimmicks. She is the younger sibling of Luningning and Elder Sibling to Sammy.
Roderick Paulate Benny dela Croix Benny dela Croix (read natively as Benny dela Cruz) is Barbara Tengco's beautician. He often gets involved in gossips, but knows how to predict the future. He doesn't hide his being gay, and that has never been a problem to him. His one great problem, though, is that he's married to a dumb nightclub dancer, Clara.
Carmi Martin Clara Clara is Benny's wife. She works as a cultural dancer for a local night club, Kulasisi Bar. She bore Benny twins, and she forever insists that her husband is not gay, a clear indication of how dumb she is. She grew up from Pagadian and earned her bachelor's degree with honors from a university there before coming to Manila. She is distant niece to Sammy, Tita and Luningning thus a cousin to Jenny and Elizabeth.
Sammy Lagmay Sammy Lagmay Sammy Lagmay is a poor, unfortunate soul. His indolence has deprived him of ever landing a job and improving his living conditions. He lives with his family in a shanty, and food on the table is a rarity in his life. He tries odd jobs, but nothing ever seems to work. Between jobs, he sleeps. He is the Youngest sibling and Only Brother of Tita and Luningning.
Winnie Cordero Liwanag Lagmay Liwanag Lagmay can out-talk and out-nag anybody in the world. She is Sammy's wife, and her greatest obsession and preoccupation in life is to nag her husband.
Jennifer Sevilla Jenny Lagmay Jenny is Sammy's charming daughter from a previous marriage. Jenny is Tita's and Luningning's Niece. She exemplifies the poor who struggle to succeed in life. She studies, is intelligent, but will probably not amount to much, what with her father endlessly breathing down her neck, and her cousin Clara, tirelessly convincing her to become a dancer for the night club.
Jolina Magdangal Jolina Jolina, Jenny's best friend, is a stowaway who is bored of being rich. She is always found with her acid tongue, roaming the Lagmay household, picking at everyone.
Ina Raymundo Trina delos Santos Trina is Tita's niece who came from the U.S. recently. She's young, beautiful and sexy, and that's probably her problem. Dino Tengco is an ardent admirer, and won't stop at anything to get to her.
Freddie Webb Tito delos Santos Tito is Tita's husband who is a campaign manager for Anding Tengco. He is the opposite character of Tita's; he is approachable, especially to the poor, especially Sammy. Tito delos Santos is the very strict, but caring husband of Tita.
Carmina Villaroel Elizabeth delos Santos Elizabeth is the sole daughter of Tito and Tita delos Santos. She constantly sides with her father on all issues, while she gets irritated with her mother's cheap and strict attitude towards her. She is also close to Jennifer, her cousin.
Nanette Inventor Luningning Lagmay - Kataruray Luningning is the Eldest sibling of Sammy and Tita. She Always mediates to Fights of her Siblings, Sammy and Tita. Even she lives in Slums with Sammy, Tita always agree with her elder sister, Luningning than her Hopeless brother. A childless Widow, she takes care of her niece Jennifer and supports her endeavours. She is the Problem Solver of Sammy's Issue.

Supporting cast

  • Ogie Diaz
  • Alicia Mayer as Adeline
  • Eagle Riggs
  • Jon Santos as Various characters
  • Nanette Inventor as Luningning Lagmay-Kataruray
  • Ruby Rodriguez as Trisha Llamado
  • Nena Perez Rubio as Dino's Grandmother


  • 1991 PMPC Star Awards for Television: Best Comedy Show
  • 1992 New York Festival: Bronze Medal


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