A Century of Veterinary Medicine

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A Century of Veterinary Medicine in the Philippines 1898-1998 is edited by Mauro F. Manuel, Marion S. Tongson, Teodulo M. Topacio Jr. and Grace D. De Ocampo. This book traces the origin and development of the veterinary profession in the Philippines. It is published by University of the Philippines Press in 2002.

About the Book

This book is intended to make the public aware of the contributions of the veterinary profession to the various aspects of agriculture, animal welfare and public health and the valuable service rendered by veterinarians to society in general during the first 100 years of Philippine independence. To date there has not been a comprehensive written account of the history of veterinary medicine in the country.

Since veterinary medicine has evolved as a diversified science directly or indirectly affected by a wide range of subject areas, these subject areas were divided into 18 topics presented as chapters in the book. While the authors of some topics had adequate sources of written information, a few had to rely on actual personal experiences and narrative accounts of most old-age veterinarians for historical facts and data. The first chapter discusses the origin of veterinary medicine; the last chapter pays tribute to the Filipino veterinarians who gained recognition through their achievements and contributions to the development of veterinary medicine in the Philippines.


A Century of Veterinary Medicine in the Philippines 1898-1998. Quezon City: University of the Philippines Press, 2002.



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