2000 Pacific typhoon season

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Typhoon Bilis (Isang)

On August 14, a low pressure area formed south of the Mariana islands and started to organize. On August 17 the low pressure area became a tropical depression and as it tracked northwestward, becoming a tropical storm on the 18th and a typhoon on the 19th. Favorable conditions allow Bilis continued to intensify to a super typhoon on the 21st, and it struck the southeastern coast of Taiwan as a Category 5 typhoon on the 22nd. It weakened slightly to a Template:Convert typhoon while crossing the country, and hit China on the 23rd. Significant rainfall fell across Taiwan, with up to Template:Convert recorded across northeast sections of the mountainous island.[1] Bilis was responsible for 17 deaths and $133.5 million in damage on Taiwan. The flooding was significant and an unknown number of people drowned in the flooding.

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