1982 Apparition to students

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An apparition of the Virgin Mary and baby Jesus at Cavite witnessed by the students of Emilio Aguinaldo Elementary School on November 19, 1982.

It was late afternoon when a ten year old grade four student allegedly saw a vision of three angels, Mary with a baby in her arms and an old man coming out of a golden palace in a carriage pulled by winged horses. The girl crying, immediately ran into the classroom, called her teacher's attention but did not see anything. Her classmates and other students ran out of the classroom saw the same vision in the sky. The apparition was described by the children with Mary wearing a gown with a gold crown on her head; the angels with golden hair and long flaming gowns, one of whom holding a key.

The students had been seeing the images in the sky for about a week with Mary waving back as the students waved their hands on her.

This alleged apparition was unique because 500 students witnessed it, unlike many others where a vision is only seen by a single or few people.




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