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Pharmaceutical products
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Zuellig Pharma is Asia Pacific’s leading provider of cutting-edge logistics services covering inventory management, warehousing, distribution and customer order management. They are included in Top 100 Corporations in the Philippines. The company handles BioTechnology, Pharmaceutical, Clinical research.



Dr. Frederick Edward Zuellig emigrated from Switzerland to the Philippines, and joined a local trading company. Shortly thereafter, he founded F.E. Zuellig Inc., which was the predecessor of Zuellig Pharma. In 1946, the Drug Department of F.E. Zuellig, Inc. was established for the importation and local distribution of pharmaceutical products for multinational principals. In 1953, Pharma Industries, Inc. was incorporated to provide local manufacturing services for multinational principals. Meanwhile, the Drug Department maintained its importation and local distribution functions.

In 1982, Pharma Industries changed its name to Zuellig Pharma Corporation to identify itself more closely with the Zuellig Group of Companies. In early 2002, the four distinct business units of Zuellig Pharma, Interpharma Manufacturing, Pharmalink and InterHealth Technology were aligned under one corporate umbrella: Interpharma Asia Pacific. Organized under the holding company of the same name, Interpharma Asia Pacific embodied the company's transition from a traditional family-run enterprise to a more independent corporate style-structure.

Zuellig Pharma at present

Today, Zuellig Pharma is the premiere pharmaceutical distribution business in Asia Pacific. From its base in the Philippines, it has grown into one of the largest multinational pharmaceutical distribution companies in Asia with operations stretching from the Philippines to Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, the People's Republic of China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Vietnam, New Zealand, Korea, Indonesia and the Indochina countries of Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia.

Capabilities of the Company

  • Zuellig Pharma is the only pharmaceutical distributor in the Philippines that offers an integrated network of 10 regional distribution centers throughout Metro Manila, Provincial Luzon, the Visayas, and Mindanao. Supplied from the Canlubang national distribution center, this network provides fast, responsive service to customers in geographically challenging markets, reducing the risks associated with dependence on a single distribution center for supply.
  • Each of our 10 warehouses has sufficient cold chain capability to provide security and integrity of product quality throughout the distribution network. No other distributor provides this level of integration in cold chain capability. Our cold chain infrastructure includes back-up chiller capacity as well as back-up power generators to ensure seamless operations in the event of power interruptions.
  • Our 10 distribution facilities, and our back-office functions including Customer Service, Credit Control, Transport, and the Mercury Account Group - are all ISO 9001 (2000) accredited. These operations follow Good Distribution Practices and are regularly audited by our principals.
  • A team of supply chain analysts is committed to the needs of each principal, managing inventory levels and ensuring adequacy of supply throughout the country. Our nationwide service level, excluding principal stock-outs, exceeds 99%. We make sure that our principals have their products where they need it, when they need it, and that the demands of the trade are met to customers' satisfaction.


In July 2009, it was included in a controversy regarding Republic Act No. 9502 or the Cheaper Medicines Act.


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