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City of license Pasay City
Broadcast area Metro Manila
Branding Automatic 'Yan! YES! FM... 101.1!
First air date 1992 As DWST
December 1998 As DWYS
Frequency 101.1 MHz
Format pop, oldies
Power 25,000 watts
Callsign meaning DW
Owner Manila Broadcasting Company Sister stations 90.7 Love Radio

DWYS, currently operating as YES! FM, is a music FM station owned by Manila Broadcasting Company in the Philippines. The station's studio is located at the Star City, CCP Complex, Pasay City.


As 101.1 Showbiz Tsismis

During 1992, MBC launched the country's showbiz tsismis and music station, 101.1 Showbiz Tsismis. At that time, its callsign was DWST, which means Showbiz Tsismis (Showbiz Gossip). 101.1 Showbiz Tsismis had an innovative mix of showbiz news and the latest music hits!

Disc Jockeys

This list is incomplete. You can add more DJs of 101.1 Showbiz Tsismis.

  • Bee Kondo
  • Billie Jean (known as Kelly from 103.5 Max FM)


In 1998, 101.1 relaunched as YES FM! with a different callsign. It has the same format as 90.7 Love Radio. They relocated the station at the Star City Complex in Pasay City, Philippines and in 2008, 101.1 YES! FM became automated and plays on spinners 24 hours a day but still having any DJ's and adopts a slogan Automatic 'Yan! YES! FM.

101.1 Yes-FM Disc Jockeys

Previous DJs

  • Raymond Ryan (formerly from 102.7 Star FM and 93.9 iFM)
  • Carl De Reta (formerly David Heart of 102.7 Star FM)
  • Edu Mansanas (formerly Marvin James of 102.7 Star FM and now a Senior Visual Effects Artist and a Subject Matter Expert for Autodesk Flame at Roadrunner Networks Inc., Philippines)
  • Honey (formerly Gabby of 102.7 Star FM)
  • Kevin Bacon (formerly Kevin Bryan of 102.7 Star FM)
  • Peter Pandesal
  • Rick Fries
  • Tony Macaroni

Current DJs

  • Tito Potato (formerly Paul Diesel of 102.7 Star FM)
  • Mama Sugar
  • Idol T-Bowne (formerly from Kool 106)
  • Bruce Dilis
  • Mama Belle Pepper (formerly Mabel Cruz of Jam 88.3)
  • Dennis Guisado (a.k.a Gwapo)
  • Karen Deriah (formerly Tita Karen of 91.5 Energy FM)
  • Cholo Chorizo


(now defunct)


  • YES All You Can
  • YES Gising Na
  • Primetime YES
  • YES At Work
  • YES Hit List
  • YES Afternoon Delight
  • Biyehe YES
  • YES Show Time
  • YES All The Way

Other programs

  • YES Sabado Especyal
  • YES Pinoy Jam
  • YESterday's Best
  • Dance A Upon A Time


(now defunct)

  • YES Balita
  • Derec Derectho (a.k.a YES Joke Time)
  • YES Diary Book 2

Yescalera (Yes! calera)

(now defunct)

Yescalera or possibly Yes! Calera; has yet no official spelling; is a section or portion of the station that features the top five (5) songs of the day. It features either Filipino or Foreign songs that were voted by the radio listeners.

Yes! Calera or Yescalera is the one of the sections or portions of the FM radio station, 101.1 Yes! FM. From Mondays to Saturdays, this features the top five (5) songs of the day, from the results of the votes texted every day by the voters of radio listeners. Foreign and Filipino entries or songs can be featured here and could top the charts at of course, the number one spot.

Introductions Before the Songs

Before each song is played, there are introductions (actually joke-like introductions) in presenting what number the song is going to be played. There are three different batches of introductions heard in the radio station.

First Batch (first heard)

  • Cellphone o Buhay? ("Cellphone or Life?") - A thief tries an old man as his victim)
  • Sweetheart, tulungan mo ako! ("Sweetheart, help me!")- Pregnant wife with husband)
  • Tatalon na ako! ("I'm gonna jump!") - A gay trying to jump and he wants another gay to stop him
  • Pwede mamaya ka na mamatay? - An old couple with the grandmother thanking his husband for loving her for a long time because she's about to die
  • Sumuko ka na! ("Surrender!") - Police tries to make an arrested man surrender

Second Batch (second heard)

  • Lumulubog na ang barko, sweetheart, talon na tayo! - Wife telling his husband already to jump on a sinking ship
  • Kapitan, Hindi pa ba tayo lalanding? - Pilot asking the head pilot if he doesn't want to land yet?
  • Si Lolo nagjojoke na naman! - A child thinking his grandfather was joking but already dying due to not drinking the medicine he need that his grandchild doesn't want to give
  • Dok, mamamatay na ang pasyente mo! - A nurse telling a doctor that he's patient s dying but still listening to Yes! Calera
  • Lumayas Ka! - A woman throwing plates at her husband because she wants him to go and leave her

Third Batch (third to be heard and the newest)

  • Saan po ang bahay ni Mang Juan? - A person asking a gay where's the house of Mang Juan and the gay got a mistake between Mang Juan to be like "One"
  • May nakukuha akong signal mula sa ibang planeta! - An explorer having a communication with an alien from another planet
  • Nakikita ko ang kapalaran mo! - A fortuneteller telling a person that he/she will hear the song at number 3. And also the fortuneteller got confused if number 3 is after number 4.
  • Ano ang demand mo? - A grandfather having communication with a kidnapper and asking what is his demand.
  • Bumaba ka diyan sa billboard! - A man attempting to jump from a billboard and people asked him what does he want.

Station ID

  • Version 1:

YES! is...this...that...'Automatic Yan!

  • Version 2:

Playing the hits of Yesterday and Today, YES! FM

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