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Type of site online Philippine encyclopedia
Available language(s): English
Owner Vibal Foundation
Created by
Current status online is the world's largest open content Philippine internet encyclopedia based on a wiki platform which enables contributors to write and edit articles in real time. It branded itself as "hip and free" to emphasize that it provides more than just an encyclopedia.

The name Wikipilipinas is a conflation of the morphemes wiki (a type of collaborative website) and Pilipinas, the official name of the Philippines. It features anything and everything about the Philippines and has 3,280,196 articles written by volunteer writers and editors worldwide. It was founded by Gaspar Vibal, as part of the free knowledge advocacy of Vibal Foundation. It is envisioned as the sister portal of, a digital library that gives away free books and images. While focuses on popularly received knowledge, publishes more academic and scholarly materials.

WikiPilipinas has become the country's biggest collaborative writing project by providing Filipinos a technological platform for group writing and editing.


Features features 12 main knowledge portals:

Other Features

In addition to these portals, features Wikiworx, mini-knowledge portals dedicated to more specific aspects of Philippine life:

The website fosters a sense of community under its social network WikiBarkada-- a "friendster-like" website where Wikipinoys connect to share photos, music, videos, and exchange messages.

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