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This is the main WikiPilipinas Help page


Getting Started

Find your way around the site


Tours and Tutorials

  • The WikiPilipinas Tutorial gives you detailed instructions on creating, editing, and managing a WikiPilipinas entry
  • The guided tour offers an overview of wiki technology in a three related tours led by Pina, the official avatar of WikiPilipinas:
    • The Wiki How tour explains the spirit and guiding principles behind wiki technologies
    • The Wiki 101 tour gives you an overview of the wiki user interface
    • The Editing tour introduces you to the nuts and bolts of using a wiki

Beyond the Basics

A detailed list of help articles is filed under the WikiPilipinas Help category page, which has three subcategories:

HelpIcon Technical.pngTechnical Help (articles on how to use the technology behind WikiPilipinas)
HelpIcon Style.pngStyle Help (articles on how to write and edit content in WikiPilipinas)
HelpIcon PoliciesAndGuidelines.pngWikiPilipinas Policies and Guidelines

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Questions you have about WikiPilipinas may have been answered in the Frequently Asked Questions section.

You can look up unfamiliar terms in the Glossary.