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Victor "Vic" Wood (born 1 February 1946) is a Filipino singer dubbed as the "Jukebox King of the 70s". He was popular for 'covering' songs such as Mr. Lonely, Wooden Heart, I'm Sorry My Love and Sincerely, among others. He ran for senator during the 2007 Philippine general election but lost.


Early Life

Wood was born on February 1, 1946 in Buhi, Camarines Sur, Philippines. He is a son of Sgt. Kocky Wood whom he did not know anything about since childhood, and Rosario "Tiyang Saring" Nobleza, a well known in medications and perfumes saleslady. He studied and finished secondary school at Jose Abad Santos High.

To make ends meet, Wood worked as a newsboy in his teen years while attending school. Living in a squatter’s area, he was familiar with gangs and slum infighting. He then moved to Binangonan where he worked as a fisherman and cargo boy to survive to keep food on the tables.

It was in Binangonan where he started to hone his singing talent. He joined and won many amateur singing contests. Although shy in the beginning, he overcame it by singing in wakes.


When Wood was in his late teens, he worked as an extra in the movies, until he was discovered by Pablo Gomez. He was given a supporting role at the age of 19 by Doc Perez of Sampaguita Pictures.

It was Pilita Corrales, however, who paved the way for his professional singing. She asked her if she could give her a break to sing in 'Stop, Look and Listen’ program at the advice of Orly Punzalan, who was the producer. Corrales agreed, and he was paired with Elizabeth Ramsey who was at the time a total performer. He was totally inspired by Elizabeth Ramsey who was partnered to him.

While doing the show, Victor’s gift of music was noticed by the late Oskee Salazar, who introduced him to Vic del Rosario of Vicor Records. He proceeded to record ‘Love Can Fly’ and ‘Take My Hands For A While’ but it flopped. He then look at how Eddie Peregrina, the country's number one singer who had one hit after another. It was then when he sought his composer Boy ‘Daryl’ Garcia and asked him to write him a song."

He recorded then "I’m Sorry My Love." The producer was hesitant to release it initially because of the perceived flaws in his voice. But Wood reasoned they were ‘crying voices;’ a singing style which he concocted that combined the styles of the top three singers at that time. His lower voice was patterned after Tom Jones, the middle range was that of Engelbert Humperdinck’s, while the high tone was Ray Charles'. The producers were eventually convinced to release it, but only in Cebu as a test market. The decision however came with a warning that it would also be his last chance. For Wood, the third try proved to be the charm. In a snap, the song became number one.

As musiclandia’s golden boy, his popular songs were transformed overnight into hit movies "Mr. Lonely"(1972), "Sweet Caroline"(1971), "I Went To Your Wedding" (1972), "You Are My Destiny" (1973), etc. He could acquire and furnish a mansion in a week; his fans arrived in truckloads right at his frontyard. He was dishing six albums per year and starred with supertars -- from Amalia Fuentes (Jesus Christ, Superstar, 1972) to Nora Aunor (Pearly Shells, 1972). He was also the celluloid’s Batman (Fight Batman, Fight, 1973), the Shazam (Shazam, Boom, 1974), and the pinoy troubadour (Trubador, 1972). He was larger than life.

The Way Down

His star power dimmed when he suffered a rare form of vertigo during the late 70s due to non-stop song recording. While he was practically a recluse in his basement, a rumor that he was shot by Bongbong Marcos surfaced. To disprove this, he was forced to appear on Joe Quirino’s TV show. The segment was taped but Joe Quirino introduced it as a live performance. He was caught lip-synching when the tape malfunctioned. Since then, all his attempts to appear in public became nil.


After two decades of hiatus, Wood attempted a comeback with another album. On 1997, You're My Everything was released on local independent Alpha Records. It had ten songs, six of which he composed, showcasing his compositional skills . The remaining four songs are foreign remakes. Most of the songs are love songs, a popular style of music in the Philippines. The single You're My Everything managed to climb to the music charts


As a singer

1. Ang Pasko
2. Ang Pasko'y Ipagdiwang
3. Babalik Ka Rin
4. Candida
5. Cheryl Moana Marie
6. Darling
7. Habang May Buhay
8. Hahabol-Habol
9. Hindi Ko Kaya
10. I'm Sorry My Love
11. Ikaw
12. Kahit Na
13. Kailangan Ko'y Ikaw
14. Kaya Ko Pala
15. Lonely Days Lonely Nights
16. Mahal na Mahal Kita
17. Maligayang Pasko
18. Malupit Na Pag-ibig
19. Marupok na Sumpa
20. May Luha Ang Pasko
21. Minsan
22. Muntik Nang Maabot Ang Langit
23. Nanghihinayang
24. No Other Love
25. Pagdating Ng Panahon
26. Paglisan
27. Pangako
28. Pangako Sa'yo
29. People Say Now
30. Sa Iyong Kaarawan
31. Salamat Sa Ala-Ala
32. You Never Really Wanted
33. You're My Everything

As a composer

1. Ang Pasko'y Ipagdiwang
2. Babalik Ka Rin
3. Darling
4. Kay Lupit Mo Pag-ibig
5. Lonely Days Lonely Nights
6. Mahal na Mahal Kita
7. Mahal Pa Rin Kita
8. Malupit Na Pag-ibig
9. Melody Of My Life
10. No Other Love
11. People Say Now
12. Ranggasmo Ken Ul-Pit (Kay Lupit Mo Pag-ibig)
13. Sa Iyong Kaarawan
14. Superstar Ng Mahirap
15. You Never Really Wanted
16. You're My Everything

As a lyricist

1. Babalik Ka Rin
2. Darling
3. Kay Lupit Mo Pag-ibig
4. Lonely Days Lonely Nights
5. Mahal na Mahal Kita
6. Malupit Na Pag-ibig
7. No Other Love
8. People Say Now
9. Sa Iyong Kaarawan
10. You Never Really Wanted
11. You're My Everything

As an arranger

1. Cheryl Moana Marie
2. Darling
3. Lonely Days Lonely Nights
4. Mahal na Mahal Kita
5. No Other Love
6. People Say Now
7. Sa Iyong Kaarawan
8. You Never Really Wanted
9. You're My Everything


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CD Albums

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