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The Marine Engineer Officers Association of the Philippines, Inc. (MEOAP)

is a non-stock, non-profit, non-government association and the only accredited Professional Organization of licensed Marine Engineer Officers by the Professional Regulation Commission.

MISSION: To realize its vision the MEOAP will develop programs and services to enhance the standard of the maritime profession.

VISION: The MEOAP to become prestigious that will earn respect and support to both national and international maritime institution


1. To raise the standard of the Marine Engineering Profession in the Philippines through trainings and seminars.

2. To foster the spirit of camaraderie among the corps of Marine Engineer Officers in order to promote the high ideals of integrity, honesty and loyalty to service.

3. To establish and maintain prestigious organization of Marine Engine Officers that will earn the respect and support of the public as well as the private sector.

4. To promote, encourage and develop a continuing socio-economic programs for the welfare of the members as well as of their families.

5. To promote the professional image and ethics of Marine Engineer Offices.


1. Recommendation for Employment to Manning/Shipping Agencies.

2. Referrals to any of the M.T.C. accredited Training centers in Metro Manila and NMP at the member’s option with special discounts to active members.

3. Recommendation/endorsement to become examiner for the Board of Marine Engineer Officers, Professional Regulation Commission (As mandated by R.A. 8544 and E.O. 496)

4. Assistance in the processing of N.A.C. (STCW 95 Certificates). Expedite processing in five (5) days.

5. Recommendation/endorsement to PRC for the Most Outstanding Marine Engineer Officer of the year.

6. Recommendation/endorsement to the Apostleship of the Sea for the Most Outstanding Seafarer of the year in line with the Annual Celebration of the Maritime Week.

7. Assistance in securing and filing of documents needed for the board examination.

8. Assistance and referrals in the facilitation of NBI clearance, NSO certificates, Seaman’s book, passport, etc.

9. Assistance and referrals to accredited DOH Medical Clinic.

10. Assistance in the C.O.C. processing

11. Others based on need assessment of our consultants.

12. Free Seminar/workshop on Prevention of Alcohol-and-Drug-Abuse, HIV Awareness, Value Formation , etc. (As per schedule basis)

13. Assistance in the electronic uploading of personal information as requisite in the Walk-In Examination

14. Legal Assistance to Members