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Class 4A state playoffs finals

Baseball, high school: Class 4A state playoffs finals; Class 3A state playoffs finals; Class 2A state playoffs, Las Animas vs. Denver Christian, 10 a.m., Rye vs. Lutheran, 12:30 p.m., championships game, 3 p.m.

Macerating toilet systems, such as Saniflo鈥檚 Sanibest, can be an affordable, time-saving and convenient alternative. While you may be familiar with the concept of 鈥渦pflushing鈥?toilets that use a pump to move waste,macerating technology goes one better, incorporating a grinding feature that reduces solid waste before pumping out, which eliminates clogging. In addition to managing liquid and solid waste, this upflush technology easily accommodates waste water from a bathroom sink and a shower or bathtub in one convenient system. The company also offers high-efficiency toilets that use 20 percent less water than standard models 鈥?so it has less of an impact on the environment and your water bill. To learn more,beats by dre sale, visit .

鈥淚 told my students: 鈥楾he elementary kids are coming. You need to teach them something, it needs to be interactive and you need to provide a worksheet,鈥欌? said chemistry teacher Jennifer Linden. 鈥淚 think they were really excited to get the kids interested.鈥?

If all goes well and the program gets the volunteers and mentors needed to run this program the tentative start date for this year s SAS program will be Sept. 15th. Come out and meet the members of the S.A.S. committee on Aug. 19th, at the Pine Island Elementary School Open House. They will be able to answer questions from parents as well as potential volunteers and mentors.

I live on the block of Willow Street between Fifth Avenue and Third Ave n u e. There are many days when I feel that I am taking my life in my hands to cross the road to check my mailbox, as the individuals who drive this road seem to believe they must exceed the posted speed limit, often times exceeding 50 mph and running the stop signs on top of it. I am handicapped,louboutin pas cher, so it has become a real danger to cross the road some days.

Just outside the bounds of ASU and directly across the street from the Ocotillo Power Plant, the locale personifies the two worlds Tirkas and his business partners are trying to reach. They felt there weren鈥檛 many options for young Tempe professionals between the ages of 25 to 45 or elegant,christianlouboutinfrrains, affordable eateries for ASU students weary of the Mill Avenue bar scene.

According to the report, senior IRS officials knew about the political targeting as early as 2011,Hogan sito ufficiale, yet they publicly and repeatedly denied that it existed. When finally forced to admit that the targeting had taken place,Hogan sito ufficiale, Lois Lerner, IRS director of exempt organizations, tried to place the blame solely with lower-level employees in one IRS office in Cincinnati. However, we know that similar practices were taking place in multiple offices including in Laguna Niguel and that at least two officials in Washington, D.C.,louis vuitton outlet, were aware of it. Related articles:

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34 of Zejtun and Raymond Sarcia

Two gas distributors were granted bail after the court upheld their plea to be able to return to work.Fernando Cremona, 34 of Zejtun and Raymond Sarcia,hoganrains, 51, of Qormi were charged with the theft of gas cylinders and misappropriation of gas at the expense of Gasco Energy Ltd. The gas distributors were also charged with fraud and falsification of documents.Accompanied with their spouses,, the two gas distributors told the court that they were ready to observe the conditions set in their bail as long as they were allowed to return to work. The prosecution objected to the accused being granted bail as they could approach the witnesses but defence lawyer Joe Giglio argued that Roderick Camilleri, the main witness in this case, no longer worked at Gasco Energy Ltd.In separate proceedings Camilleri was found guilty of the same charges as the accused and sentenced to two years imprisonment suspended for four years. He also lost his job as an employee of Gasco Energy Ltd.Magistrate Tonio Micallef Trigona granted bail to the accused against a deposit of 1000 and a personal guarantee of 10,000.Inspector Arthur Mercieca from the Criminal Investigation Department led the investigations assisted by Inspector Carol Fabri.

Salvador, who was appointed by the board to coordinate the investigation,Chanel bags, told The Tribune on Friday that he first contacted the office of the California Attorney General after receiving a report composed by private investigator Pete Chavez.

For the third time in the past week, a mountain lion has been sighted in Cal Poly #39;s Poly Canyon Village (PCV) area--the sophomore housing community on campus. With multiple alerts going to out to students via email...

The elbow-to-the-head foul was called about a dozen times in the NCAA men's tournament, and on several occasions it was criticized because the contact appeared accidental.

Although it is getting warmer every day, night temperatures may still be cold and here is where you can hide. Divadlo Archa has invited The Sisters of Mercy, an English rock band,, which built their career on the early 1980s gothic rock and post punk. (Wednesday, 8pm) Roxy will present rapper from Boston and his project Jazzmatazz on Wednesday. Accompanied by trumpet, flute, keyboards, guitar and saxophone, the rapper will produce fusion of jazz and hip-hop.

“We understand the uncertainty that comes with bringing home a newborn,hogan outlet, and it’s always better to be safe than sorry,Hogan,�?says Linda Ciampa, a registered nurse in the labor and delivery department of a Boston-area hospital. “Even at 2 a.m.,louboutin, most doctors�?offices are on call to give you assurance and advice. We would much rather have you call than be up all night worrying �?or possibly overlook something important,�?adds Ciampa. “Even for the pros �?ruling out anything serious offers the best possible peace of mind for us all.�? Related articles:

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Elite Cinema III

聯IRON MAN 3聰 130 minutes 聲 聲 PG-13 for sequences of intense sci-fi action and violence 聲 Robert Downey Jr., Gwyneth Paltrow,louboutin, Don Cheadle 聲 When Tony Stark聮s world is destroyed by the Mandarin, he begins rebuilding with retribution. 聲 Campbell 16, College Station 14,longchamp pas cher, Springfield 11,B&B Theatres, Branson Meadows, Elite Cinema III

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission has long occupied two office buildings in White Flint,Hogan, along Rockville Pike, and in 2009 agreed to lease an entire third building next door, 3 White Flint, at 11601 Landsdown S. in North Bethesda.

Most recently,Sloan told The Tribune he talked to a couple of teams, but he declined to identify them and said 鈥?at that point 鈥?no job offer had been made.

The Commonwealth Bank report, Affordable Locations for First Home Buyers,Hogan, argues there are plenty of opportunities for first-home buyers, if they are prepared to live in the suburbs and do their homework.

Jones told the News-Leader that he initially wanted the committee to consist entirely of non-legislators, but said Attorney General Chris Koster advised him that in order for the committee to have subpoena power, it needed lawmakers.

A warrant was later obtained to take a DNA swab from Hammond's mouth and cheek area. It was forwarded to the state police's crime lab for analysis, which recently linked him to saliva that had been left behind in the bottles.

"It's not being used as well as was anticipated and the December to February figures include the extra passengers using it for the Christmas shopping and sales,p90x dvd."

What is required is a socialist response. The Socialist Equality Party calls for an emergency public works program in Oklahoma City and all the other areas impacted by recent disasters. Such a program would include the immediate infusion of aid to make survivors whole, rebuild infrastructure, homes and businesses.

Robert Cane, executive director of the pro-charter Friends of Choice in Urban Schools, criticized the plan for failing to address that inequity. Cane has long argued that the city should more often transfer empty traditional school buildings to charters. Related articles:

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During that period

The top assistant to Drury University men s basketball coach Steve Hesser the past eight years is leaving to take on a new challenge at East Central University in Ada,Chanel Outlet, Okla.

During that period, Bachmann also was just who earlier had opposed a Republican alternative plan, known as the Cut Cap and Balance Act, which would have immediately reduced spending by $111 billion. In a floor speech,Hogan sito ufficiale, Bachmann said that while she embraced the bill s principles, the motion does not go far enough in fundamentally restructuring the way Washington spends taxpayer dollars.

CNS: The Xisha Islands are another hotspot these days. It was reported by Western media that China used military force to prevent Vietnamese fishing boats going into the area of the islands on February 22,louboutin. How do you view this?

There鈥檚 a reason why they are called classics, and it鈥檚 usually that winning combination of being a gripping story that鈥檚 told in elegant prose 鈥?be it Shakespeare or Charles Dickens, or slightly later writers such as Edith Wharton and F. Scott Fitzgerald. The latest adaptation of the Fitzgerald鈥檚 novel may not have wowed the critics,christianlouboutinclouds, but do judge for yourself 鈥?and not because it stars Amitabh Bachchan in a tiny role. Flawed,, yes,louboutin, but Baz Luhrmann鈥檚 The Great Gatsby is an enjoyable film all the same,Burberry Bags, an over-the-top concoction, which captures the vulgar excesses of the Jazz Age and consumerism. Leonardo DiCaprio 鈥?only improving with age 鈥?is a great Gatsby. Admittedly, however, Luhrmann鈥檚 brew also demonstrates why the classics both provide great material for movies 鈥?the plots continue to intrigue; and why they are so hard to film 鈥?how do you transform the subtleties of the text into pictures? Some adaptations have done it better than others, and parvathi nayar lists a few

It is a message echoed by the president: Our society has overcome many difficulties and challenges together so we can emerge as a society in which multiple races and religions coexist harmoniously, Thein Sein said in a televised speech marking the country s traditional New Year on 14 April. He urged all Burmese to work together to build on the country s political changes with patience, tolerance and persistence. Related articles:

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especially the low-lying areas. In some places of Ayutthaya

Information is life. Misleading information can aggravate natural disasters. Now, although the flood has been prevented from reaching downtown Bangkok, the suburbs of north, west and east Bangkok have been flooded, especially the low-lying areas. In some places of Ayutthaya, the flood rose two meters in two hours. In other Bangkok suburbs, the floods closed over people's heads overnight. The lack of early warning led to severe losses of life and property.

I think a conference like this shows that there is a good base of democracy which has already established in Yemen and the region,Burberry Bags.It could be developed further.

For the traditionalist in holiday celebrations, Christmas Eve Dinner and Christmas Day Brunch at the BLD (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner for those of you in the know!) honors the holiday bird,chaneloutletroses, the turkey.

"So far I have not received any notice about LVMH's visit. It is still unknown whether LVMH will want to cooperate with Sea-Gull," Cao Weifeng,louboutin, an engineer at the technical center of the Tianjin-based company, told the Global Times on January 22.

Book of historyThe Scar, a combination of cartoons and old pictures, tells how the author accidentally runs into a large quantity of historical materials about the war. The book is based on Li's personal experiences. In the book, Old Li encounters Qi, a peddler in a curio market in Kunming. Qi first shows Li a picture from the Sino-Japanese War (1894-95), and then takes him to the house of his teacher who owns a great number of pictures of the Japanese army.The teacher had once done quite well in the curio business but went bankrupt after buying so many pictures. He is reluctant to sell them in spite of living a poverty-stricken life, particularly after hearing that Japanese people are trying to buy these pictures back at high prices. Qi persuades the old teacher to let Li take some photos. As a result, Li and Qi get the chance to see pictures that had been hidden from public view for decades.Li told Global Times that there were over 5,000 pictures in total: photographs, war charts and maps,longchamps, giving the details of the Japanese army's plans and invasion of China, and covering topics such as politics, military, economy and society during the war period. The pictures are the main body of the book, placed in different themes and with explanations. Li starts with a picture of the Sino-Japanese War showing how the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) was bullied by a greedy Japan. Next are abundant pictures of Japanese soldiers, their tanks, swords and the two Chinese characters "Zhi Na," a contemptuous name for China that is mentioned frequently. Military correspondents also photographed troupe moments around China. Japanese soldiers are seen marching on the Great Wall, under the city gates, and mounted on Chaoyang Gate in Beiping. There are scenes of Japanese soldiers stealing goats, while others are covered with blood or cheering a victory. In the background are abandoned and burned houses, farms,longchamps, streets and broken bridges.With eye-catching headlines and pictures,, the propaganda album recorded Japanese army's every triumph during the invasions of China. In every war, civilians are the innocent victims. The book also touches on the personal fate of Li's father-in-law who was crippled by a bomb during a Japanese air raid over Kunming in 1938. In the end, the book transports readers back to modern times as Li looks for Qi's teacher whose old home within the city has been demolished - the price of urbanization.

Bruce Longmore, 80, has been cycling in and around Hobart since he was Ali's age and remembers a time when the bicycle or the tram were most people's only transport choices.

Through a joint investigation with Pohatcong, Lopatcong and Greenwich police departments, police determined that counterfeit $100 bills were used at Sears in Lopatcong and in Pohatcong. All four occupants of the vehicle were arrested.

Indonesia has previously refused to share samples of the bird flu virus that has been seen in Southeast Asia for several years,beats headphones. That country claimed vaccines made from those samples would be too expensive for developing countries to afford. That dispute led to a protracted series of negotiations with WHO and others to ensure poor nations would have access to vaccines in a global epidemic. Related articles:

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the restaurants are packed."

For years, tried to deny his infatuation with folk and blues. But when it came time to make his debut album, "Home Again," the 25-year-old British singer-songwriter relented. Revealing a sweetly weathered voice and a natural way with warm acoustic melodies,p90x, he got signed to the label run by Mumford and Sons' bassist and scored the support slot on Adele's British tour. This week, he supports Alabama Shakes at Oakland's . We checked in with him at his home in London.

You have to love that about him. Famous as he is, rich as he is, Boryla always will be the son of a bricklayer from the steel-mill country of East Chicago, Ind. His parents were Polish immigrants. They went to a Polish Catholic Mass and "my dad had a voice you could hear throughout the whole church."

In addition to recommended daily activities, some counselors have added their own spin and created additional events that help students and their families better understand that the process of pursuing a college education begins earlier than most anticipate. This effort has also been embraced by

And it is incontrovertible that the son has not been kind to his old mother. In March,christianlouboutinclouds, he compiled a steaming trove of scurrilous accusations,louboutin, claiming all kinds of financial and sexual impropriety. He sent out his scandal dossier to a number of media outlets. A few bit.

The five-ton flag was displayed in Clinceni,louboutin pas cher, 35 kilometers (22 miles) southeast of Bucharest. Workers struggled to keep it firmly planted on the ground because of windy conditions and had to use small sandbags.

The gathering, which can last as long as a week, turns out to be more boot camp than summer idle. Which doesn't make it any less fascinating and perhaps makes it even more rewarding for the actors who win the opportunity to portray Valli.

"I know the state wants to keep spring training teams here in the state,Chanel Outlet, but when you look at it from purely a local level, we want to keep that team here in our community. They've been here for a long time," Wargo said. "The Jays are only a few blocks out of our downtown. When there is a game here, the town is packed; the businesses are packed; the restaurants are packed."

Anthony finished with 28.7 points per game in becoming the first Knicks player since Bernard King in 1984-85 to win the scoring title. The Knicks went 54-28,ghd, their best season since going 57-25 in 1996-97. Related articles:

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are vitamin-fortified sugary cereals and cookies

In April, the Calaveras Planning Coalition 鈥?a group of community organizations and individuals 鈥?sent a letter to the Planning Department notifying it of the liability potential the county was assuming by preparing both documents at the same time.

One benefit, Aid and Attendance,longchamp chaussures, can provide tax-free, monthly income to veterans, their spouses or their widows to help offset the formidable costs of in-home care, assisted living or nursing home stays.

The Dow Jones industrial average edged up eight points to 15,303 yesterday. The Standard & Poor聮s 500 fell a point to 1,649. The Nasdaq composite fell a fraction to 3,459.

"The most important thing about today's decision is that the commissioners affirmed the importance of housing municipal inmates at the jail," said Aurora Police Chief Dan Oates. "The cities have maintained all along that this is a core service."

Is it just me or is Tony Stark on a health kick?In the third 锟絀ron Man锟?-- a series that spent its first two installments glorifying the reckless life of a spoiled, rich genius -- Stark, the man inside the metallic exoskeleton,louboutin pas cher, seems to have finally taken a turn toward wellness.No spoiler alerts are needed for me to point out that, though subtle, Stark set beautiful examples of healthful eating throughout this latest episode.In a scene set in what appeared to be a familiar chain restaurant of the burger, hot wing and beer variety,longchamps, Stark joked with a pal in front of a lush vegetable plate of carrots, celery and what appeared to be broccoli.Later in the movie we see him snack on a sliced apple, working in a room with a cart loaded with fresh fruit and juices. In another scene, Stark tells an ex-girlfriend that he ate a gluten-free waffle for breakfast.At one point, suffering from despair and fatigue, he asks a young co-conspirator to bring him something to eat -- 锟絘 tuna fish sandwich.锟絋o put it bluntly, I didn锟絫 much care for Stark锟絪 boozy, womanizing, arrogant persona in the first two 锟絀ron Man锟?movies and in 锟絋he Avengers.锟?Yet there I was last weekend, annoying my popcorn-chomping family members as I shook their shoulders every time the ultra-cool playboy made a healthy food choice.This might sound trivial to anyone who doesn锟絫 agonize over how to slip vegetables and salads onto the weekly dinner menu without inspiring a hunger strike. But I have to feed two boys who have spent their whole lives in a society that not only assumes children won锟絫 eat their vegetables, but rarely tries serving them at school or in 锟絢id-friendly锟?restaurants.These are children who, from preschool, were taught by their academic institutions that 锟絪nacks锟?are vitamin-fortified sugary cereals and cookies, salty pretzels, or anything that comes in a cheerfully colored crinkly plastic bag.So Stark modeling healthy food choices on the big screen? This is huge.Movies today, specifically the kind that are made to appeal to teens,Chanel bags, are generally populated by guys desperate to find their next beer, joint or jumbo coffee -- that is when they aren锟絫 on an energy drink-fueled quest for junk from the corner store or a fast-food chain.Hey, I get that the best fiction diligently imitates life. So even though we live in a country where so many children are overweight or obese that federal health officials and the American Academy of Pediatrics recommend universal cholesterol screenings for kids between 9 and 11, what else would you expect to see on the silver screen? We may be a very long way from a time when every kid-centric TV show, web video and big-budget movie features its stars drinking tap water, snacking on nutrient-rich foods and indulging in only occasional, moderately sized treats. But I believe such a utopian entertainment landscape -- you can go ahead and call it propaganda if you锟絛 like -- could have a deep impact on how children perceive what they should eat.Processed and fast-food advertisers get most of the blame for enticing children with truly bad-for-you foods such as candy-flavored cereals, stuffed-crust pizzas, packaged lunch kits and fake juices. But rarely do the shows or videos they accompany get scrutinized for modeling poor eating habits.As it is, young people who grew up watching tween programming crave the whipped-cream topped coffee drinks,chanel handbags, brightly colored smoothie sugar bombs and thin aluminum cans of energy drinks they see their TV and movie counterparts regularly downing without ever gaining a pound or getting sick from being over-caffeinated. If Hollywood put its mind to combating the country锟絪 childhood obesity epidemic, kids across the land might someday beg their parents for greens like the orphan Juan Pablo in the comedy 锟絅acho Libre,锟?who asked Nacho with weary politeness: 锟紿ow come we can锟絫 ever have just, like, a salad?锟経ntil that day comes,ghd, I have a new rejoinder for the inevitable vegetable complaint on chicken-rice-and-broccoli night: 锟絎ell, it锟絪 good enough for Iron Man.锟紼sther Cepeda锟絪 email address is Follow her on Twitter,louboutin pas cher, @estherjcepeda.Washington Post Writers Group Related articles:

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a family of conservationists

One issue is that the raised edges can make it hard to tap icons on the corners of the screen. The screen cover also can be hard to swipe with wet fingers. As with many hard cases, the Every1 adds chunk and weight to the phone and makes it unusable with many speaker or charging docks. Its kickstand also feels flimsy. Despite its issues,Chanel, the Every1 does a good job overall for its main task, which is protecting your precious phone.

The green venture has received backing from local residents, including Upper Dales councillor John Blackie,longchamps, who said the renewable energy plant would hardly be visible.

The Local Government Association of Tasmania released its annual Council Cost Index today and predicts the average movement in costs across Tasmania s 29 councils to be about 3.65 per cent.

Safari planners settled on the 5-ton surplus army trucks to cart guests through the park. Inside the trucks, video segments play on screens, depicting the Wilds, a family of conservationists, who, in the park's storyline,hogan outlet, are supposed to own the preserve. (Those with a taste for even more adventure can coast over the grounds in two-seater zipline ride.)

The talks had been billed as a pivotal opportunity for the bloc to overcome differences about whether to ease sanctions against Syria to allow arms shipments to the rebels. Earlier,louboutin pas cher, France added urgency to the debate,monster beats, with Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius pointing to increasing signs that chemical weapons were being used in the conflict.

Everyone is innocent until proven guilty. So what Mr. Abdullah is saying, makes sense. Just because Mr. Srinivasan's son-in-law is alleged to have fixed matches (again, not proven) does not mean that Mr. Srinivasan has to step down. Saying otherwise,, is following a primitive notion of justice that has no place in modern society. However the crucial issue is this: when there is an inquiry commission set up to probe the dealings of a person directly related to you,longchamps, by a body that you have authority over, then it is only decency that you step down while the investigation is on. Related articles:

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My Reply

In 1872,longchamps, when the first stretch of Japanese railway was made,monster beats, Barningham鈥檚 Albert Hill works was producing 80,longchamp chaussures,000 tons of iron a year,longchamp pas cher, and was employing 2,000 men and boys 鈥?a huge concern in a town of fewer than 30,000 people.

My Pad Neau Harappa main course beef,stir fried with Thai sweet basil leaves, onion and red chilli carried a subtle taste with a hint of something a little more challenging.

My Reply:Two high speed deluxe catamaran service Failaka heritage Village, plus the KPTC ferries.As the catamarans are akin to aircraft there is a limit that we have to put on items coming over to the village and although we will obviously allow snacks onboard we do not allow cooking pots full of prepared food etc.On the island there are four mini-markets, one in Failaka Village; one at Wanasa Beach and two close to the ferry port. Obviously these shops cannot sell certain frozen items such as meat.Within the Village, contrary to what Al Makin states we have the following food outlets in addition to the Iranian caf茅漏 mention by聽 Al Makin:l Oasis Complex with six food outlets. l聽 Ward Wa Hail Restaurant l聽 Pizza House l聽 Beach Burgers Fast Food Outlet on the beach We also have room service and outside catering services.There is a medical clinic in the village, this is staffed by a nurse and only for the use of the village guests; there is no charge to the guests for this service; the clinic is fully funded by the village.There is a military doctor on the island based at the army camp.

Participants have also received help with CV writing and interview techniques and have been partnered with mentors from Asda and the trust, who will provide ongoing career support and advice.

Shortly before 12:30 a.m., a car travelling northbound on the Garden State Parkway left the roadway near Exit 105 and crashed into the woods, the state police said.

Smart is not the greatest shooter. He may not be the quickest or the most physically gifted. However,Smart has NBA-level talent to go with unequaled leadership skills for a freshman.

New rainfall amounts of less than 0.1 of an inch are expected today and Wednesday during the day, with rainfall amounts of 1-2 inches possible Wednesday night and 0.25 to 0.5 of an inch Thursday in Tulsa, the weather service forecasts.

YPW is also interviewing for the Summer Session on Saturday and Sunday,monster beats, June 8-9. The Summer Session runs from July 15 to Aug. 18. Call 908-979-0900 to set an appointment for an interview where Director Michael Blevins will answer any and all questions about the program. More information can be found online at along with the program s registration form.

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Ashley Beach

05/29/2013 01:09:48 AM PDTAUSTIN,Chanel, Texas -- With Nike's help, Lance Armstrong's Livestrong cancer charity turned a little yellow wristband into a global symbol for cancer survivors.

UA professors Nunamaker and Burgoon developed an 鈥渋nterrogation bot鈥?to do a better job. Their Embodied Avatar kiosk consists of a 22-inch LCD screen that displays an animated talking head. This Avatar poses questions to a subject standing in front of it. As the subject responds,louboutin, two sensors measure pupil dilation and changes in vocal pitch. There鈥檚 a finger print scanner and a high definition video camera that records the subject鈥檚 responses and facial expressions. So far the system seems to do be doing a good job of detecting 鈥渉inky鈥?behaviors and referring those subjects who deserve a closer look to trained humans.

Kevin Patrick, the reason teams like Alabama and LSU and Tennesse, etc schedule games with those non-conference teams is because they don t have an annual home and home with an in-state BCS power like Florida State. They HAVE to schedule games with somebody if they don t want their OOC not to look like a joke. Now,Burberry Outlet, if you liked, Florida could drop FSU and just schedule a new home and home every two years with other teams if you felt like it made them look just as good as lsu and tennessee, etc.

It feels good to put the Silver and Black back on, Woodson said. It鈥檚 been a long time. I think I look good in Silver and Black so it feels good to be back.

Think about not being able to jump in the shower or run the tap for a cold, clean glass of water. Instead, you have no other option but to make an hours-long trek to a water supply. According to , in just one day, 200 million work hours are consumed by women collecting water for their families鈥攅qual to the time that it would take to build 28 Empire State Buildings.

Lewis scored the tying goal in regulation and furnished the go-ahead goal in the first of two 10-minute overtime periods. Her twin sister, Aaliyah Lewis, assisted on the game-winning goal and drew the foul that led to Bobby Pendleton's insurance goal on a penalty kick.

Sylvan Hills High School Lady Bears Soccer participated in the River City Rivalry Tournament on April 20 at Burns Park in North Little Rock, placing Second in the Tournament. Student athletes who participated in the tournament were, pictured back row, from left is Jennifer Bartholmey , Liza Shkurina, Abigail Persson, Ashley Beach, Courtney Boutte, Kat Rowe, Michaela Pinegar and Coach Nate Persson. Third row, from left is Samantha Davis , Rachel Franco ,christianlouboutinclouds, Naomi Gregory, Sara Beckwith, Anna Huston and Andrea Elias. Second row, from left is Marissa Glover, Calyn Fulton and Lauren McKibben. Front row is Mallory Hubbard and Kyoka Johnson.

Cook's notes: To peel tomatoes,Hogan, submerge in boiling water for about 30 seconds. Refresh under cold water and peel. To make sofrito, peel 10 Roma tomatoes and finely dice; set aside. Heat 1 1/4 cups extra-virgin olive oil in medium-size saucepan on low heat. Add 4 cups finely chopped yellow onions, 1 teaspoon sugar and 1 teaspoon salt; cook, stirring occasionally, about 30 minutes or until onions are nicely caramelized,cheap ghd, adding a little water if pan gets dry. Add tomatoes and 2 bay leaves; cook 15 minutes or until tomatoes cook down to a thick mixture. Extra sofrito will keep in refrigerator up to five days or can be frozen in small batches. Use in sauces, soups or with cooked vegetables. Bomba rice is a Spanish rice that is preferred for paella (it is sold at Surfas in Costa Mesa); if desired,Chanel bags, substitute Arborio rice (sold at most supermarkets). To prep fava beans, remove beans from pods, then boil for 1 minute; refresh with cold water and use thumbnail to break skin and squeeze to pop beans from skin (yes, it's a lot of work, so often I substitute cooked edamame not quite as good but still delicious).

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