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University of the Philippines Preparatory High School (UP Prep) is one of three affiliated institutions forming University of the Philippines Integrated School (UPIS), the others being UP High School (UPHS) and UP Elementary School.



In the 1940s UP extended its campus to Diliman, Quezon City. Initially, UP High was established as a service school for UP staff. It later developed into a laboratory school when the university offered Bachelor of Science in Education (BSEEd) as a program in 1961.

In 1954, UP Preparatory School was created with a special curriculum focusing on science and mathematics while forwarding the graduates into UP college programs. Both UP Prep and UPHS were considered exclusive schools with high competition for admission.

The two schools eventually merged in 1974 to become University High School, also known as University of the Philippines Integrated School, with kindergarten, elementary and secondary school students.

Education program

UPIS follows its own unique curriculum called the Life Career Development Program which allows students to prepare for college while in high school. Also notable are its class system and medium of instruction.

As pupils enter kindergarten, they are assigned to one teacher and enter the Integrated Basic Skills Development and Socialization Program. By grade three, they enter the general academic program with different instructors for each subject. By grade eight, pupils may choose their electives, and by. grade ten, they select a work program and enter the college of their choice.

This system runs from kindergarten to grade ten, with high school consisting of grades seven through ten.

All students are also required to join cocurricular activities like Citizen Advancement Training (CAT) and scouting.

As per UPIS Faculty Meeting on 11 March 2003, the students' medium of communication will be Filipino except in CA English, Music and Arts, Science and Mathematics.

Iskolar ng bayan

The only entry point to UPIS is kindergarten. The school does not accept transferees. Pupils who have left the program cannot re-enter and the slot left open is non-transferable except for children of UP personnel. Lateral entrants such as these are permitted by the school's Socialized Tuition and Financial Assistance Program.

Admission is based on the entrance exam, which can only be taken once. The school only admits 100 pupils at a time,about 60% of which are children of UP personnel. All applicants must be five to six years old to qualify.



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