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The University of the Philippines Baguio (UPB) College of Science (CS) is Northern Luzon’s Recognized Forerunner in the Natural Sciences and Mathematics, having been declared by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) a National Center of Development for Excellence in Mathematics, Physics, and Biology and a CHED delivering institution for the Higher Education-Faculty Development Program through its graduate program in Mathematics. UPB-CS is the only institution of higher learning in Northern Luzon recognized as a National CHED Center in all of it's basic science programs thereby making it the Top Science School in the North and one of the best in the Philippines and beyond.


History and Organization

The College of Science was established in December 2002 when the University of the Philippines Baguio became the 7th constituent university of the UP System. Evolving from the then Department of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, the College continues to take the lead in upgrading Science and Mathematics education and research in Northern Luzon.

The College comprises three departments and an independent program:

  • Department of Biology (DB) - CHED National Center of Development for Excellence in Biology
    • Discipline of Biology
  • Department of Physical Sciences (DPS) - CHED National Center of Development for Excellence in Physics
    • Discipline of Chemistry
    • Discipline of Physics
    • Discipline of Geology
  • Department of Mathematics and Computer Science (DMCS) - CHED National Center of Development for Excellence in Mathematics and CHED Delivering Institution for its Higher Education-Faculty Development Program
    • Discipline of Mathematics
    • Discipline of Computer Science
  • Human Kinetics Program (HKP) - The Human Kinetics Program (HKP) of U.P. Baguio grew out of the former Sports, Physical Education and Recreation (SPEAR) Division. Prior to U.P. Baguio's elevation into the 7th constituent Unit, the SPEAR Division in U.P. Baguio was a distinct unit existing alongside other divisions of what was then U.P. College Baguio which provided courses to satisfy the P.E. requirements of students in all programs offered by the degree-granting units of the university. Physical education was originally under the Department of Physical Education of Diliman in 961 but as absorbed by U.P College Baguio n the 1970s. With U.P. Baguio's elevation to C.U. status in 2002, the SPEAR Division became the Human Kinetics Program under the College of Science. Today, the HKP continues to provide advanced instruction and research in the human movement sciences. It also aims to promote physical education, sports and recreation among the students and other constituents of the university through its service PE program and athletic/sports program.
  • Summer Institute in the Natural Sciences and Mathematics (SINSM) - Since 1990, the SINSM has trained and updated teachers and researchers, and agency personnel from various institutions in Northern Luzon
  • UPB Northern Luzon Herbarium (NLH) - The College maintains the UPB NL Herbarium, which serves as a repository of information of the existing flora in the Cordillera Region. Since it was opened to the public in February 2000. It has served as a source of information for plant taxonomists and reference for identification of flora for biology students and researchers. The herbarium has acquired more than thirteen thousand botanical specimens, gradually realizing the college's vision of making it the most comprehensive herbarium in the Cordillera region.

Academic Programs


  • Bachelor of Science in Biology - The BS Biology program is a four-year thesis program that provides thorough grounding in the biological sciences and develops skills and attitudes for a culture of science and research among students.
  • Bachelor of Science in Physics - The BS Physics program which was first offered in 2002 is the only one of its kind in the region. It prepares students in theoretical and applied physics. It is a rigorous preparatory training for any career in physics whether in the academe, government, or the industry.
  • Bachelor of Science in Mathematics - The BS Mathematics program is a four-year program that provides a solid undergraduate preparation in mathematics. The curriculum covers not only the fundamentals and abstract concepts in mathematics but also important and emerging fields in applied mathematics.
  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science - The BS Computer Science program, which was instituted in 1996, trains students to become experts in many areas of theoretical computer science. Graduates have become highly skilled in software development and system analysis.


  • Master of Science in Mathematics - The MS Mathematics program, instituted in 2001, provides students with a firm grounding in theoretical mathematics. The curriculum includes courses that further develop in the student the ability to apply mathematical tools of analysis to problems in other disciplines like Engineering, Physics, Life Sciences, Computing Sciences, Statistics, Finance and even Social Sciences.


  • Diploma in Physical Education

Research and Extension Services

The faculty have made significant contributions to science and mathematics research in the country. These researches explore new theoretical directions and practical applications, highlight innovative technologies, and build on indigenous mathematical as well as biological systems in the promotion of scientific knowledge.

One of the major research thrusts of the university is environmental benchmark data generation and monitoring in the Cordillera and Northern Luzon. This thrust reflects the college's commitment to help address environmental and natural resource management issues in the region by building baseline data to aid policy and planning.

Other research thrusts are in the fields of Biochemistry, Microbiology and Cell Biology, Ecology and Upland Forest Biology, Ethnobotany, Natural Products, Modeling, Optimization, Population Dynamics, Analysis, Crystallography, Ethnomathematics, Plasma Physics, Evolutionary Algorithms, Environmental Geology, Physical Education and Indigenous Dances and Games.

UPB offers the Summer Institute in the Natural Sciences and Mathematics (SINSM) to train and update teachers on the latest developments in theory, applications and pedagogy, as well as providing refresher courses in the basic concepts of Biology, Mathematics, Computer Science, Physics, Chemistry, and Geology. UP Baguio also has the College Lecture Series as one of its extension programs that provides venue for experts in the field of Science and Mathematics to share the latest trends and scientific breakthroughs to faculty and students. It features College faculty as well as experts from other academic institutions, here and abroad.

The Human Kinetics Program (HKP) sustains and gives direction to the inter-government agencies' sports program- the Baguio-Benguet Educational Athletic League (BBEAL), as well as the recreational needs of the University employees.

The HKP faculty engage in researches on physical; education principles and practices of players, coaches and students especially in the Cordillera region. Through their various extension activities, the HKP faculty assist in the training of teachers in the region on how to handle courses in physical education, sports, Philippine games and dances. They also serve the needs of teachers and coaches in the region for high-altitude training.

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