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Faculty of Arts & Letters
Address St. Raymund’s Building, University of Santo Tomas España, Manila

The Faculty of Arts & Letters of the University of Santo Tomas is a four-year program that offers ten different majors for the degree of Bachelor of Arts. The institution's learning is structured towards the development and fulfillment of students focusing on the Arts and the Humanities mainly in the fields of social and natural sciences.



The Faculty of Arts and Letters is a combination of two institutions namely the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters which was established in 1896, and the College of Liberal Arts in 1926. In 1964, these two institutions were merged into what is now known as the Faculty of Arts and Letters. Initially, the courses offered then were Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Literature, and Bachelor of Philosophy. As the years passed, the Faculty expanded the kinds of courses it offers thus the addition of other majors in the academic year 1971 and 1972. This addition included Asian Studies, Behavioral Science (which evolved from the originally offered LiA-Com), Communication Arts, Economics, Journalism, Literature, Philosophy, Political Science, Sociology, and Translation (which was eventually phased out). In 1994, Legal Management was created to serve the relevant needs of students who intend to go to law after graduation.


The Faculty of Arts & Letters offers ten different majors namely: Asian Studies, Behavioral Science, Communication Arts, Economics, Journalism, Literature, Legal Management, Political Science, Philosophy, and Sociology.

  • Bachelor of Arts Major in Asian Studies (AS) - this major familiarizes and provides students with the understanding of traditional and contemporary Asian history and culture. Students and trained to examine and analyze the dynamics of Asia focusing on policy, economic theories, and globalization. The program is an excellent preparation for careers related to law and management. Asian Studies graduates may lead their career as Ambassador or Diplomat, Law practitioners, Community Development Organizer, Researchers, Civil Society Consultant, Policy Analysts, or Development Studies Specialist.
  • Bachelor of Arts Major in Behavioral Science (BES) - this major is a combination of psychology, management, and sociology with emphasis on human resource management. It trains students to understand and perform personnel functions such as wage and salary administration, recruitment and placement, training and development, and labor relations in the world of labor and industry. Behavioral Science graduates may become Personnel Manager, Organization Analyst, Psychometrician, Training Coordinator, Human Resource Staff, Researcher, or Guidance Counselor.
  • Bachelor of Arts Major in Communication Arts (CA) - this major trains students in using communication as an art, science, and service to the community. It familiarizes students with the ethical significance and responsibility involved in the use of print, radio, television, audio-visuals, and film. Communication Arts graduates have career opportunities as Advertising Practitioner, Account Manager, Creative Director, Copywriter, Media/Buyer Planner, Public Relations Practitioner, Corporate Communications Director, Public Relations Manager/Consultant, Publicist, Event Planner, Market Researcher, T.V./Film Director, T.V./Film Scriptwriter, Radio/T.V. Field Reporter, Radio/T.V. Newscaster, or Program Host.
  • Bachelor of Arts Major in Economics (ECO) - this major familiarizes students on the logical and mathematical analysis of economic problems as well as the principles in finding the solution to these problems. It also trains students on the proper management of business and on becoming an entrepreneur. Economics graduates may become Economists, Economic Planners/Forecasters, Corporate Planners, Statisticians, Economic researchers, Managers, Entrepreneurs, or Lecturers.
  • Bachelor of Arts Major in Journalism (JRN) - this major focuses on all aspects of writing for newspaper, magazine, radio and television broadcast. It trains students the ethical responsibilities towards effective reporting towards the pursuit of truth. It trains students about the in-depth coverage of local and international event, personalities, places, etc. that affect the country and the international community. Journalism graduates may become Reporters, Scriptwriters, Broadcasters, Copywriters, Editors, Public Relations Practitioners, Information Officers, Publicists, Researchers, or Lecturers.
  • Bachelor of Arts Major in Legal Management (LM) - this major prepares students for a law program or other post baccalaureate study in management or public administration, as well as develop their entrepreneurial skills. Legal Management graduates may have careers in the fields of Law practice, Judiciary, Public Service, Entrepreneurship, Law Office Managers, Human Resource Managers, Legal Researchers, Legal Support Staff, or Government Officials.
  • Bachelor of Arts Major in Literature (LIT) - this program familiarizes students with various literary aspects such as historical junctures particularly spatial locations; the creative process that that focuses on imaginative and intellectual labor, the literary trends and movements which impress upon the writer’s consciousness and work; the critical approaches and theoretical apparati which interrogatives the nature and purview of literature, as well as the functions and locations of different agencies of production, dissemination and consumption of miscellaneous texts in the wide web of Literary Cultural Studies. Literature graduates may become Translators (scripts/documents), Scriptwriters, Copywriters, Editors, Textbook Writers, or Lecturers for literary and cultural studies.
  • Bachelor of Arts Major in Philosophy (PHL) - this major teaches students to analyze the different aspects of reality and their interrelation. It focuses on making students think analytically and critically about the objects under investigation, the subject of investigation, the thinker, the nature of man, and of values to live by. Philosophy graduates may become Law practitioners, Researchers, Lecturers, or Critical Analysts of Philosophical Subjects.
  • Bachelor of Arts Major in Political Science (POL SCI) - this major concentrates on the theory and practice of government and politics. It provides excellent education in Political Science that will prepare students for professional career in government services or for careers dealing with public issues and problems. Political Science graduates may have careers in the fields of Government Service, Law Practice, Foreign Service, Public Service, Researcher in Politics and Law, or as Lecturers.
  • Bachelor of Arts Major in Sociology (SOCIO) - this major is the newest addition in the field of social science. It familiarizes students in understanding the transformation of man into groups such as families, tribes, ethnic and racial groups, communities, various political and economic organizations, and their interaction. It teaches students about the interdependence of social institutions, variety of social problems and issues, and its impact on society, as well as conceptualizing feasible solution to promote social change. Sociology graduates may lead their career as Social planners, Social Development Workers, Concept Analysts in advertising companies, Public administrators, Project Coordinators (N.G.O. and G.O.), Social Action Center Directors, Media Consultants, Interviewers, Administrative Assistants, Statisticians, Community organizers, and Lecturers.




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