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Universal Robina Corporation is a locally-owned food and beverage conglomerate in the Philippines. It has interests in beverage, animal feeds, snack foods, instant noodles, coffee, canned goods, confectionery and packaging. It exports products to Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan and China. The company's famous brands are C2 green tea, Jack n' Jill sweet and salty snacks and confectionery, Hunt's tomato products, and noodle products, with its own brand Payless, Nissin cup and pouch - a joint venture with the Japanese firm, Nissin Foods.


List of Products

Snack Foods

  • Jack n' Jill
    Piattos (hexagonal-shaped fabricated potato chip)
    Potato Chips (a potato chip)
    V-Cut (ridged potato chip)
    Chippy (rectangular corn chip)
    Taquitos (circular corn chip)
    Mr. Chips (triangular corn chip)
    Tostillas (triangular corn chip, although the size is bigger than Mr. Chips)
    Roller Coaster (a looped fabricated potato snack)
    Spuds (potato crisps)
    Chiz Curls (cheese flavored extruded corn-based snack)
    Sea Crunch (extruded snack with seafood flavors)
    X.O. (deposited candy)
    Maxx (mentholated hard candy)
    Dynamite (creme-filled mint-flavored candy)
    Lush (chocolate creme-filled chocolate soft candy) (its taste is somewhat similar to

Tootsie Rolls, only it is filled with chocolate creme)

  • Jojo Gummi (gummy candies)
    Wiggles (milk chocolate or mocha-covered marshmallows)
    Star Fruits (fruity soft candy)
    Star Pops (fruit or chocolate flavored lollipops)
    Candy Bars
    Big Bang (nougat and rice crispies smothered in milk chocolate)
    Chooey Choco (butterscotch caramel covered in chocolate)
    Chooey Toffee (toffee caramel covered in chocolate)
    Cloud 9 (nougat, caramel and peanuts covered in milk chocolate, similar to Snickers)
    Nips (candy-coated chocolate with mini versions and peanut and crispies variants)
    First Five
    Quake Bar (creme-filled chocolate cakes)
    Quake Layers (layered cake bars)
    Quake Rolls (cake rolls with jam)
    Quake Cups (muffins filled with creme)
    Presto Creams (sandwich cream cookies)
    Cream-O (chocolate cream cookie sandwich, sometimes it is chocolate covered)
    Pretzels (chocolate/strawberry/milk coated rod pretzels)
    Choco Knots (chocolate-covered twisted pretzels)
    Berry Knots (strawberry milk-covered twisted pretzels)
    Milky Knots (milk-covered twisted pretzels)
    Choco Curls (chocolate-flavored extruded corn snacks)
    Magic Flakes`Premium Crackers (soda crackers)
    Magic Flakes Cheese-Flavored Crackers
    Magic Flakes Sandiwch Crackers
    Dewberry (creme-filled sandwich cookies with jam topping)
    Dewberry Tarts (creme-filled sandwich cookies with caramel or chocolate topping)
    Rainbow Bites (bite-sized cookies with candy-coated chocolate pieces)
    Hello! Wafers
    Hello! Wafrets
    Hello! Pipers
    Club House 3+1
    Club House Minis


  • C2 Green Tea
    Refresh Juice Powder, Water in Cups and Juice in Cups

Grocery and Convenience Foods

  • Payless Instant Noodles
    Payless Instant Pancit Canton
    Payless Spaghetti
    Payless Macaroni
    Nissin's Ramen
    Nissin's Yakisoba
    Nissin's Cup Noodles
    Nissin's Yakisoba Cup Noodles
    Cream-All Non-Dairy Creamer
    Great Taste Premium Blend coffee
    Great Taste Granulated Coffee
    Blend 45 coffee
    Great Taste Coffee Mixes
    Great Taste RTD
    Great Taste Iced Coffee


Hunts-URC is a joint venture between URC and ConAgra Foods, Inc

  • Hunt's
    Tomato Sauce
    Tomato Paste
    Pork n' Beans
    Spaghetti Sauce
    Tomato Ketchup
    Baked Beans
  • Swiss Miss
    Complete Cocoa Mix
    RTD Milk Shakes


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