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Tutup is an occupational dance from Laminusa, Sulu which is famous for making a unique and finely-crafted food cover also called tutup. The tutup is a colorful dome-shaped food cover fashioned by Tausug people from a local variety of a screwpine or at times nipa. Strips of these materials are dyed with vibrant colors similar to the colors of the famous vinta or sakayan that ply the wideness of the Sulu Sea. Lace-like trimmings are fashioned from finer strips and are embellished all over the body of the tutup arranged in sinuous motifs, zigzags or or geometric patterns.

The dance is usually performed by the young especially during festivals like the Hari-Raya and during weddings. It shows the many uses of the tutup: as a food cover, as a wall décor, as a lamp shade or as a blanket. Dancers wear the typical Tausug costume, the sigpit and the loose sablay with patadyong.

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