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Tumbang Preso is a Philippine short independent film about an immature man who is looking back to his childhood days. It was created by young filmmaker Antoinette Jadaone and screened at the 2008 Cinemanila Independent Film Festival, where it was awarded Best Short Film in the Young Cinema category. The running time of Tumbang Preso is 6 minutes and 24 seconds.



Tumbang Preso tells the story of a man named Estong, who does not seem to have really grown up. He remembers how as a young boy all he did was play Philippine childhood games like kampihan, taguan, and patintero, as well as tumbang preso and, being a child, all he had to worry about was getting a scolding from his nagging mother. But now, as an adult, Estong has to face life’s real challenges.


The children’s games that Estong remembers serve not only to symbolize childhood but suggest certain actions that must often be performed in the “game” of life—choosing sides, seeking and finding, fighting one’s way through. The film takes its name from a Philippine children’s game. The game tumbang preso involves an “it” or "taya" trying to prevent a can from being knocked over by other children throwing slippers at it. As the title of the film, it may highlight the main character’s determination to protect himself from adult pressures and perhaps to preserve all that he cherishes, including most likely his childhood memories.


The Cinemanila jury, in awarding Tumbang Preso Best Short Film, commended the short film for its “clever use of one set of dialogue to contrast and parallel the world of Estong as a child and Estong as a grown-up.” The jury found the film highly entertaining and noted that it was crafted well in consideration of the limitations of the short film medium.




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