Tropical Depression

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In the course of a 22-year musical career, many words have been used to describe TROPICAL DEPRESSION, but actually, their name still says it all: a band that delivers one hell of a storm wherever it performs. TROPICAL DEPRESSION has shattered stylistic barriers and scrambled musical genres like no other band performing today.

TROPICAL DEPRESSION specializes in a unique brand of domestic and exotic riddims that of world-wise, conscious and spiritual music. Growing out of the band members’ love and affinity for Reggae and its offshoots, TROPICAL DEPRESSION created a new idiom in music and at the same time functioning as the gateway in introducing the essential Reggae Riddim to the country.

TROPICAL DEPRESSION built a reputation for creativity that saw reggae fused with local themes. As The Beat described its first release KAPAYAPAAN, it “shows reggae has taken root in the Philippines and displays throughout the imprint of inspirator Bob Marley while containing elements no other reggae band I know of could draw from.” Chuck Foster continues, “the bulk of the album is sung in the band's native language and is some of the prettiest music I've heard in a while.” TROPICAL DEPRESSION’s second release AABOT DIN TAYO further affirmed its unique reggae synthesis - not exactly east, not west either.

TROPICAL DEPRESSION’s core group is spearheaded by founder and band leader Papadom -- lead vocals and riddim guitar -- and longtime musical partners, Bong Eudela on lead guitar and Pexx Holigores on bass and backing vocals. TROPICAL DEPRESSION also has a reserve roster of seasoned session musicians.

“Seeing TROPICAL DEPRESSION live is an experience of a lifetime that one should not miss out on” (Sevilla, The Philippine Star). The band has headlined several concerts throughout the Philippines. Its performing career includes more than 100 dates a year, at venues ranging from clubs to music festivals; from high profile shows to benefit concerts -- all to the delight of enthusiastic audiences, captivated by TROPICAL DEPRESSION’s infectious Island Riddims.

Present Line-up (2009) Dominic "Papadom" Gamboa - Vocals/Riddim Guitar Bong Eudela - Lead Guitar Pexx Holigores - Bass TJ Espinola - Keyboards Ryan Locsin - Drums Arlene Empalmado - Backup Vocals


  • Alert Level (1993)
  • Kapayapaan (1994)
  • Aabot Din Tayo (1996)
  • Island Riddims (2004)
  • Island Christmas (2004)