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Transpinay is a term used by transsexual women in the Philippines to identify themselves. Coined by the Society of Transsexual Women of the Philippines (STRAP), the term is a combination of the words "transsexual" and "Pinay." It is used to denote a transsexual woman of Philippine descent who was born with a male sex assignment, but recognizes that she is nonetheless female.

According to STRAP, a transpinay —- like any other woman —- can be straight, lesbian, bisexual or even asexual. She is not a straight or gay man who is acts effeminately or completely like a female, nor a man who loves to dress in woman's clothing. And though a transpinay may or may not undergo sexual reassignment surgery, she will never simply be a boy or a man wanting to be a “real” woman. She is already a woman.


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