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oyota Motor Philippines Corporation (TMP) believes that a company’s strength lies in it’s people, and that its greatest assets are its Team Members. From the time a Team Member is hired in TMP, he begins a journey. A Team Member is always a work in progress.

As the Team Member acquires essential skills for his work, he is also exposed to other training programs that would make him a highly-skilled, competent worker, and a well-developed individual. Personality development courses and livelihood seminars are offered to help Team Members reach their full potential.

The Toyota Way TMP fully embraces the Toyota Way, the core system that marks TOYOTA as a unique business entity and unifies all Toyota affiliates around the world, regardless of location, ownership structure, specific operation or local culture. The Toyota Way is an ideal, a standard and a guiding beacon for the global Toyota organization. It expresses the beliefs and values shared by all Team Members.

The Toyota Way is built on two pillars: Continuous Improvement and Respect for People.

Continuous Improvement refers to the continuous search for a better way to do things, in production, engineering, design, marketing, logistics, distribution, finance, administration, human resources, and every other activity in the Company, including trimming the hedges. It is grounded on the PDCA cycle—plan, do, check, act—and is possible only with a well-trained, motivated, and empowered work force that is able to endlessly ask over and over what can be done to lower costs, raise quality, get results faster, and satisfy the customer more efficiently.

Respect for People comes from understanding that the Company has many stakeholders—suppliers, dealers, shareholders, customers and employees—who are interdependent. All sectors want to thrive, and so must be responsible for each other. Recognizing that we have mutual interests, we work together in an atmosphere of fairness, openness and trust, marked by sincere communication. We therefore give the highest priority to people, particularly our Team Members, and their needs, concerns, development and sustenance. Our Mission Driven by the will to serve, we hereby commit ourselves: To dominate our markets through dynamic selling and timely delivery of attractive products, with excellent customer service and continuous product improvement. To produce vehicles and components of outstanding quality, using advanced technology, continuously improving methods and environment-friendly processes while maintaining safe working conditions. To sustain Company profitability, stability, productivity and growth by efficiently engaging in effective financial and resource management for the collective gain of the Toyota Family and the society we serve. To sustain Team Members’ morale and productivity by developing their full potential and total well-being, and by establishing mutual trust, mutual responsibility, and harmony through open communication.

Our Vision To be the No.1 AUTOMOTIVE COMPANY where GREAT PEOPLE work as a TEAM to provide the BEST products and service to our CUSTOMERS.

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