Top Ten Philippine Novelty Songs in 2009

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Filipinos love a good laugh. They can even laugh in the face of tragedy and mishaps. This trait keeps the Filipinos in good stead. They can find something funny even in mundane tasks, in everyday life, and in ridiculous situations. That is why comedy and gag shows on TV and in the movies are major hits. Now it has extended to songs. Novelty songs have deeper meanings, satirical at times and a poke at someone, current events and even everyday situations like loving, living, working, etc. For a good laugh, here are some of the top novelty songs that hit the airwaves in 2009.

Sabay-sabay Tayo

Sabay-sabay Tayo is a bouncy dance tune composed by choreographer Geleen Eugenio and sang by Marian Rivera. This is the carrier single in her second album entitled Retro Crazy. Marian’s popularity as a TV and movie actress as well as the various promotional appearances for the song where she danced and sang made it one of the most requested hits and became a craze for young children.


Giling-giling is one of those novelty songs popularized by actor, comedian, and TV host Willie Revillame under Star Records. The dance tune used to be played in his noontime variety show Wowowee. It became an instant hit with kids and adult alike. Giling-giling is penned by prolific songwriter/composer Lito Camo. The song was voted as Song of the Year (2009) in the First WAKI OPM Awards given by ABS-CBN’s Manila FM station, DWRR 101.9 For Life.

Baby, Angkas Na

This song is another hit from the group Masculados, an all-male song and dance group composed of seven members. They have released two albums under Universal Records. Previous hits from Masculados include Sana Mama, Lagot Ka and Macho Papa. Baby, Angkas Na is the first single from their album Mascurepacked, released in 2009 by Masculados Dos (with new members). The group was discovered by movie and TV director Maryo delos Reyes.

Supah Papalicious

The song Supah Papalicous is the theme song from Vhong’s comedy movie of the same title released in 2008. Vhong Navarro or Ferdinand Hipolito Navarro in real life is a singer, host and actor at ABS-CBN and also a member of the male dance group Streetboys. He was discovered and still managed by director Chito S. Roño.

Mali Vodka

Mali Vodka is another song from actor, singer/rapper, producer, songwriter/composer Andrew E. (born Andrew Espiritu) with double entendre as most of his other songs are. His songs are often hilarious and also labeled as “dirty” or with suggestive lyrics with sexual undertones. Despite this his songs are instant hits with the mass audience and sang by children and adults.

Chika Lang ‘Yon

Chika Lang ‘Yon is the title track from the debut album of the group Blanktape released under Alpha Music. The Tagalog lyrics of the song tell a woman not to listen to gossip and that the guy loves her truly and therefore should not be rash in her judgment. A typical alibi of a man caught cheating is what this song is all about.


Banana is the second single from the group Blanktape from their debut album, Chika Lang ‘Yon under Alpha Music. This is one of those songs with double meanings – about the satisfaction one can get from buying the bananas sold by a guy.

Nagmahal Ako ng Bakla

The group Dagtang Lason, a local hip hop/rap group from Olongapo popularized this song. Signed by Ivory Records, the new singers/composers Marbaggz, Kadena and Buhawi made an instant hit when they released the first single of their debut album. The song tells the story of the characters who had suffered heartaches and misfortunes when loving women who eventually just wanted them for their money and so they turned to loving gays, who gives them all the love and care, trust and loyalty that they did not received from the women that they have loved.

Hindi Ako Bakla

Hindi Ako Bakla was an instant hit when it debuted and the video was shown on TV. This is an original composition of Michael V, Beethoven del Valle Bunagan in real life. The song tells the story of a “closet queen” who is in denial about his sexual orientation despite his feminine actions. The premise is that he is not gay but rather a full-fledged female.

Mas Mahal Na Kita Ngayon

This is an original composition of Michael V. The hilarious song relays the love that someone extends to an aggressor who induced a lot of unimaginable physical sufferings to him during the course of the aggressor’s life. Now he can give him love because he is already gone. The song has been revived by new hip hop duo Young Men composed of Mr. Pogi (Eat Bulaga) winner Edgar Allan Guzman and Mr. Pogi First Runner-up Andrew Miguel, released under Ivory Music and Video.




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