Top 10 Vegetarian Restaurants in the Philippines

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Being a vegetarian has its benefits: it is healthy for your body, the animals, the environment, and also your spirit. Looking for the best vegetarian restaurants to celebrate health? PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) has scoured the country for the finest vegetarian restaurants and made a top 10 list.

Azotea Greens in Baguio City

The next time you are vacationing in fresh Baguio City, stroll along the famous Session Road to find the La Azotea Building. Ascend towards the second floor and enter the cozy Azotea Greens. Taste traditional Filipino dishes and other sumptuous meals minus the meat. Try the adobo, ginataan, kaldereta, mushroom sisig, and nilaga. You will be surprised that these dishes don’t have an ounce of meat in them. Don’t think that the cookies are made from animal by-products, either. Those delectable treats are completely egg and dairy free.

Bliss Café in Baguio City

The aptly named Bliss Café is the place to go when you are seeking for a boost of health in many levels. It is a veggie restaurant-art center-library-spiritual refuge rolled into one; what more can you ask for? PETA recommends the “energetic embutido” and the “no-quack” duck adobo. Holistic health is found here in Bliss Café.

Bodhi in SM Food Courts

Hanging around in SM means you see a lot of typical fast food restaurants and grocery stores packed with unhealthy food. To counteract this evil, Bodhi provides mall people with affordable vegetarian goodies. Bodhi is a Sanskrit word which means enlightenment and to become aware. Get to know Bodhi’s veggie meals such as asado, broccoli with mock beef, bopis, ginataang langka, kare kare, and menudo. Your body will thank you for it.

Corner Tree Café in Jupiter, Makati

Corner Tree Café got its name from a giant tree which shelters the café with its abundant leaves. The café’s meals are a delightful combination of delicacies from all over the globe, including our very own Filipino dishes. There is the starter plate: Egyptian dukka complemented with white bean hummus. Their best seller: tofu walnut burger (made of 100% veggies), served with green salad or sweet potato fries. Rich desserts sweeten things up for those who dine under the shade of Corner Tree Café.

Daily Veggie N’ Café in Quezon City

Craving for Chinese food? Visit Daily Veggie N’ Café. Try the sizzling fillet seaweed, which is completely fish-free despite its appearance. Other dishes to sample are the curry and the sweet and sour nuggets. Taste them once and you’ll be craving for them daily.

Greens Cafe and Restaurant in Quezon City

Who knew that being green-minded is a good thing? Greens Café and Restaurant provides diners with vegetarian treats. Try the veggie burgers, the sisig, the embutido, and the clubhouse sandwiches. Have as much as you want, but leave tummy-space for the Vegan chocolate cake, which is unbelievably dairy-free.

Hapilife Healthy Food Corner in West Tapinac, Olongapo City

Have a happy life by being healthy. Go to Hapilife Healthy Food Corner and experience the happiness of eating right. Feast on the combo meals that are pure vegetarian dishes such as sisig, adobo, and pancit miki. Sample the vegetarian alternatives of meat dishes such as roast duck, steak and tuna. Hydrate yourself with replenishing juice made from fresh fruit and vegetables.

Ima's Gulay Bar in Puerto Princesa City, Palawan

Ima’s Gulay Bar in pristine Palawan offers plenty of dishes to choose from. Recommended dishes are curried tofu sandwich, jambalaya, mango pasta, sausage fajitas, spicy bean burger and spicy okra. There are also veggie pizzas, Mexican dishes, and desserts which are guaranteed to delight the diner’s palate. Drink exotic shakes such as carob, coffee, and ginger; a healthy alternative to the alcoholic drinks bars usually serve.

Mandala Spa in Boracay Island, Aklan

This spa is not like your typical spa because the services extend beyond the soothing massage and beautification. Dine vegetarian-style in Mandala Spa, which offers a wide range of vegetarian dishes, such as pan-fried tofu, pad Thai, and apple crumble. Go to Mandala spa to get some serious pampering.

The Farm in San Benito Batangas

The Farm is a multi-awarded wellness center, with food being its most potent medicine. Its programs are the following: clear the mind, aid in managing daily stress, enhance vitality, support better aging, improve nutrition, jump start sustainable weight loss and restore a youthful complexion. All these goals and more can be achieved by dining on a variety of organic nutritious meals and snacks made of fresh fruits, vegetables, seeds and grains.


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