Top 10 Social Networking Sites in the Philippines for 2009

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Filipinos are highly sociable people. This is evidently shown by data showing the Philippines to be one of the countries with the highest number of users in various social networking sites. Below are just some of the said sites that Filipinos visit to socially interact online with friends and family here and abroad.


As of 3 November, the Philippines ranks 10th among the countries with the largest population in Facebook with 6,991,040 users. The majority of Filipinos who use Facebook are women in the 18-24 age bracket. Facebook is not only a venue for social networking but also for playing games, promoting businesses or events, and or groups.


Twitter features micro-blogging where posts are limited to 140 characters each. It was created in 2006 and is sometimes referred to as the “SMS of the Internet.” Filipinos caught the Twitter bug, so to speak. In fact, as of June, the Philippines ranked 12th on the Top Twitter Countries list with Filipino users representing 0.64% of Twitter’s global population.


Following Twitter’s feature of enabling users to post short updates is Plurk. However, Plurk distinguishes itself by adding qualifiers like “thinks” and “says” and emoticons. Updates are displayed using a timeline and users gain karma points depending on the frequency of updates. In an informal poll conducted by in April, Filipino readers commented that they favor Plurk more than Twitter because of its fun and relaxed nature. According to Google Trends, as of 8 December the Philippines ranked no. 1 among countries using Plurk and Makati ranked above other Asian cities.


Before Facebook, Friendster was the social networking site Filipinos got hooked on. While the number of Friendster users declined significantly in 2009, the Philippines still remains in the top spot of countries using the site. In addition, Quezon City, Makati, and Manila are among the top 10 cities with the most Friendster users. Friendster has recently revamped its layout and interface, adding new applications and games.


Multiply is one of the early networking sites that became a hit among Filipinos. Similar to Friendster’s statistics, the number of Filipino Multiply users reached its peak in 2007, declined in 2008, and remained stable in 2009. Aside from the usual features found in other social networking sites, Multiply offers users a layout similar to a personal homepage. Filipino online sellers found the site a perfect venue to showcase their goods.


YouTube is a video sharing website. Videos uploaded are stored as part of the user’s channel and can be viewed by others. Users can subscribe to each other’s channels. In 2009, YouTube videos played a huge role in showing the extent of the damage brought about by Typhoon Ondoy. It was also through YouTube that Mikey Arroyo’s controversial Unang Hirit interview with Winnie Monsod was spread.


The Philippines tops the list of countries with the most Flickr users as of December. Flickr allows users to upload images and short video clips to share with others depending on the privacy settings on each item. Filipino bloggers who self-host their sites prefer using Flickr to host their images since it allows them to embed an image rather than storing the file in their own databases. Photos can be commented on by other Flickr users and users can also join groups.


Tumblr is a blogging platform that allows bloggers to interact with other Tumblr users. Posts can be marked as “Like” or reblogged or posted to Twitter. As of December, the Philippines ranks first among the countries with the most Tumblr users and visitors. Users particularly like the interface and the freedom to crosspost using email, mobile phone, or Facebook.


Filipino music enthusiasts use Imeem heavily to listen to streamed music online. Imeem also allows users to interact with each other by posting comments or making playlists and favorites. Google Trends data for December shows the Philippines as the country with the most Imeem users worldwide. On 18 November, MySpace bought Imeem for $1 million and transformed it into MySpace Music.


DeviantArt is popular among Filipino digital artists to showcase their work and interact with fellow artists. Categories include digital art, photography, literature, Flash, film, and layout skins.




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