Top 10 Shocking Deaths in Showbiz

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Everyone is expected to die, but for those who have made a mark in the Philippine showbiz industry, an accidental, sudden or untimely death will always leave their loved ones, supporters and fans with a certain emptiness that cannot be forgotten. Here are the Top 10 Shocking Deaths in Showbiz that to this day are still talked about and remembered.

Fernando Poe, Jr.

Better known as FPJ, he is the best friend of former Philippine President Joseph Estrada. Most of his fans and followers blame his death on the government, since he died on December 14, 2004, just about 7 months after losing as a Presidential candidate versus President Gloria Arroyo, in the 2004 elections. Up to the time of his death, no Philippine actor has been able to dethrone him as the King of Philippine Movies.

Nida Blanca


Nida Blanca was found on November 7, 2001, stabbed 13 times, beaten, and murdered at the back seat of her Nissan Sentra in the parking lot of the office building where she worked. The prime suspect was Rod Strunk, Blanca's husband whom the prosecutors claim hired a hitman to kill her, since he was after her property and money. Strunk committed suicide on July 2007 but to this day, the self-confessed hitman is still in jail with the criminal case still pending trial.

Miko Sotto


Miko Sotto died on December 29, 2003 after accidentally falling from the balcony of the 9th floor in the condominium where he lived. Oyo Boy Sotto, his close friend and cousin who witnessed the accident said Miko lost his balanced and accidentally fell when he was about to stand from the plant box of the balcony. His mother, Ali Sotto opened the people’s awareness on how to help give new life to people, by donating Miko’s corneas.

Rico Yan

Rico Yan was known to be a Youth Spokesman for the Education Department. He died on March 29, 2002 of acute hemorrhagic pancreatitis, while on vacation at the Dos Palmas Resort. Around 10,000 people attended Rico’s funeral and confetti rained on the car with his body during his burial procession. Rico’s "Pinoy 'Yan!" non-profit organization continues to help make young people value education and stay in school.

Jon Hernandez

JonJon Hernandez was one of Philippine showbiz’ child stars turned teenage star whose untimely death shocked the entertainment world when it was reported in 2000 that he suddenly died in a car accident while going home from an out of town trip. The car he was riding hit a concrete obstruction in a part of a highway with no streetlights.

Julie Vega

Julie Vega remains to be a well-loved and popular Filipina actress and singer in the Philippines, years after her sudden death on May 6, 1985, at 16, of cardiac arrest as a complication developed from a diagnosed form of demyelinating disease. Colleagues from the showbiz industry attended her funeral together with numerous grieving fans that adored her in her soap operas.

Halina Perez

Halina Perez died from a horrible accident when the van she was riding collided head-on with a truck. She was asleep in the vehicle on her way back to Manila on March 4, 2004. Halina broke her neck in the crash and was still alive when rescuers pulled her out of the wreck. Halina made a name for herself as one of the beautiful starlets in soft-core porn films.

Ric Segreto

Ric Segreto won the hearts of Filipinos through his heartwarming love songs. He died on September 6, 1998 of severe head injuries from a motorcycle accident while plying the Buendia flyover in Makati. Reports claim he was speeding and was found amidst the iron grills and rubble at the area under construction.

Charito Solis

Charito Solis reigned as the queen of TV drama in Obra Maestra and The Charito Solis Show. She stared in numerous films and played comedy roles in Okay Ka, Fairy Ko and 50 Carats. Charito’s 43-year career in film lasted until her death from a sudden heart attack on January 9, 1998.

Lino Brocka

Lino Brocka was the best-known filmmaker in the Philippines who gained recognition in the international film community for his film Insiang that was well received in Cannes and his films about the Marcos dictatorship. Brocka met an untimely death in a car accident on May 21, 1991 but was given the posthumous distinction of National Artist for Film in the Philippines, six years after his death.




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