Top 10 Pizza Parlors in the Philippines

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Have you ever heard of the term, “food tripping”? Well, one of the top food trips Pinoys enjoy is pizza. There may be some of us who pronounce pizza as “picha” or “pisza” but no matter; as far as taste in pizza is concerned, Pinoys are united. Just don’t get started with how we pronounce “mozzarella”. Here’s a lowdown on the top pizza parlors we Pinoys loved in 2009 (and likely beyond):


LAP small logo.jpg

LOTS'A PIZZA has been spread all over Luzon and parts of Cebu with 169 branches through the strong SM Mall Branches, Puregold Branches and independent franchises, and soon all over Visayas and Mindanao. What can't be liked in LOTS'A PIZZA? It's value for money, quality products with premium toppings at very affordable prices & true to it's slogan "Lots' of Toppings, Lots of Savings," it catered to the mass with it's affordable, palette friendly flavors and less oily and healthy par-baked crusts for the adults and kids. Try their signature Great Manhattan, 100% Pure Beef Special and Kid-Friendly Hawaiian. Pinoy pizza in taste but international in standards. Truly, one of the mainstays for Pinoys' Pizza craving!

Pizza Hut


Pizza Hut may be THE pizza of choice of Filipinos. Need to order pizza? What easier number to dial than 9111111? Plus, it was Pizza Hut who popularized the stuffed crust idea, and from then on the flavor of the pizza wasn’t our only dilemma: will it be cheesy pops, sausage pops, or cheesy volcano for you? We’ve tried out their classic pan pizzas, and now we’re given the chance to taste Europe with their Viva Italian Pizza line. Roma, per favore!


Greenwich pizza.png

Greenwich is really way in, thanks in part to the amount of starpower they’re using in their ads. But not only that: Greenwich pizzas just simply taste good. Grab a party square pizza to eat with your friends, and if you’re not sure which flavor to order, try out their G4 pizza (4 different flavors in one). Remember their sisig pizza and their lechon pizza? That’s Pinoy taste for you! But whatever you do, don’t miss out on their Extreme Cheese pizzas. “Cheesy!”



Ah, Shakey’s. Let’s call it one of the big three of Pinoy pizza. We Pinoys (and apparently, the rest of the world, too) love the thin crust variant because of its crispiness. Don’t miss out on their famous Manager’s Choice pizza. Meat lover? Shakey’s Angus Steakhouse pizza is calling your name! And don’t forget the ambience that Shakey’s pizza parlors are loved for.

Yellow Cab

Founded in 2001, Yellow Cab is a relatively young pizza chain, but it soon outgrew its competitors. Now, visions of giant 18 inch pizzas fit for any party (or for one very hungry person) come to mind whenever we think of Yellow Cab. Its most popular flavor would remain to be their Four Cheese pizza (mozzarella, cheddar, romano and feta), though their other flavors, most notably their Roasted Garlic and Shrimp and their Barbecue Chicken Pizza, aren’t shabby at all. Want to have it all? Grab their gourmet sampler, which has four different flavors in one heavenly pie.


Sbarro’s may not hold that much mass appeal; its target market is mostly the middle to upper-class. However, it’s always considered a worthy treat to eat pizza at Sbarro’s. If you’re on a budget you could always order pizza at Sbarro’s by the slice; you’ll likely to find one sumptious slice to be heavy enough to live on, at least for five hours. They have thin crust pizzas like the rest, but their deep dish pizzas are to die for. A must-try: their spinach and mushroom pizza (for veggie lovers), and their white cheese pizza (yum).

California Pizza Kitchen

California Pizza Kitchen (or CPK) isn’t as ubiquitous here in the Philippines as the other pizza parlors mentioned above, but any true-blue pizza afficionado has California Pizza Kitchen in its list of must-eats. Their most popular pizza flavor is their original Barbeque Chicken, as well as their White Pizza. Try out their Adobo Chicken Pizza if you can’t have enough of this popular Pinoy dish.

Brooklyn Pizza

Not too ubiquitous (their branches so far are at Pasong Tamo, Paranaque and Makati), but worth flocking to. Order their Porko pizza, White pizza, or Deluxe Pizza, and experience a slice of New York.


It may have recently made headlines, with its name being used in a secret code for a bribery, but that doesn’t take away our taste for 3M at all. 3M is Pinoy na Pinoy, and if you’re on a budget (as with most of us), 3M is the way to go. In Mini or Mega sizes, you could try out their specialty favors such as Beefy Meat Sauce, Pinoy Combo, and 3M Supreme. Savor its sweet sauce and flavorful cheeses. Perfect as an afternoon snack.

Don Henrico’s

Want to impress your date? Treat her to Don Henrico’s! Their masterful presentation and deliciously-flavored pizzas (made from genuinely high quality ingredients) leave even the harshest pizza critic very satisfied indeed. Order the Bacon Cheeseburger pizza or their home specialty, the DH Supreme Pizza. Just make sure she loves you for who you are, and not for the pizza you feed her.




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