Top 10 Pinoy Christmas Carols

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The celebration of Christmas in the Philippines wouldn't be as merry and as spirited without Christmas carols. As early as the month of October, Christmas carols are being played over the radios and DVD players, and being sung by carolers on the streets. Filipinos love singing them especially during karoling, wherein adult and children alike go house-to-house to sing their most favorite Christmas songs.

Musical note.png Among the 10 most popularly sung Christmas carols in the Philippines are:

1. Sa May Bahay Ang Aming Bati

Sa May Bahay Ang Aming Bati is the first song in mind of almost all carolers and usually sung to start the caroling. The lyrics of this Filipino Christmas carol basically express a warm Christmas greeting to the household being caroled.


2. Ang Pasko ay Sumapit

Ang Pasko Ay Sumapit is a timeless christmas song by Levi Celerio has caught the Filipino Christmas spirit more than any other local song. Written originally in Visayan language by a famous Cebuano poet, Vicente Rubi, on April 1933. It is a favorite among children carolers due to its popularity and amusing rhymes.

3. Christmas in our Hearts

"Whenever I see girls and boys selling lanterns on the streets...," the first line of the song "Christmas in our Hearts, written by Rina Cañiza and Jose Mari Chan. This Christmas carol has truly captivated the hearts of the Filipinos with its lyrics reminding us of the real meaning of the season--that Jesus is the reason for celebrating Christmas.

4. Pasko Na Sinta Ko

A sentimental and intense song composed by Francis M. Dandan and sung by Gary Valenciano in 1976, this song expresses the extreme yearning of a person for an absent sweetheart on Christmas.

5. Pasko na Naman

Composed by Felipe De Leon and lyrics by Levi Celerio, this is another favorite among the carolers. This merry song is about rejoicing that Christmas is here once again.

Shows carolers serenading a family living in a nipa hut decorated with star lanterns.

6. Mano po Ninong, Mano po Ninang

This song tells of the Filipino tradition of children greeting their Ninong (godfather) and Ninang (godmother) on Christmas day. They would either kiss or make mano (touching of forehead to the hand of the elder as a Filipino sign of respect) to their godparents, expecting to be given an aguinaldo (gift).

7. Himig ng Pasko

Interpreted by Apo Hiking Society, this is more mellow than the usual native Christmas carols. The melody and pleasant harmony of voices gives a peaceful feeling to everyone listening.

8. Sa Paskong Darating

This carol conveys that Christmas is really for children. The singer represents Santa Claus who would give the goodies children like best, as mentioned in the song: "...mansanas (apple), at ubas (grapes). May kendi at tosokolate ('Have candies and chocolates)..."

9. Noche Buena

Noche Buena is considered as one of the traditional Philippine Christmas songs and one of the favorite Christmas carols sung by carolers as they serenade families in every house Composed by Professor Felipe Padilla de Leon of Nueva Ecija, Noche Buena talks about the feasts that Filipino families usually prepare during Noche Buena.

10. Payapang Daigdig

In 1946, when the Philippines was liberated from the Japanese invasion, Prof. Felipe de Leon came up with a Christmas song called "Payapang Daigdig." Lyrics was provided by Brigido Batungbakal and Eduardo de Leon. Musical note red.png




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