Top 10 Nursing Schools in the Philippines in 2009

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Despite the economic recession, healthcare professionals remain in demand worldwide, and Pinoys are rushing to fulfill the available slots. That’s why nursing remains the top course of choice among young students. There are so many nursing and healthcare schools that offer ladderized programs and short courses, but all the options could just add to the confusion. When it comes to education, it’s always a great idea to aim for the best, and here are just some of the top nursing schools in the Philippines in 2009:

University of the Philippines - Manila


The University of the Philippines is still the premiere university of our country, and their College of Nursing is no exception. Located only in the Manila campus, the UP College of Nursing reputedly is extremely hard to get into, and their course requirements always keep their students on their toes. But all that training is worth it: it almost always produces a 100% passing rate among its graduates in the Nursing Board Exams.

Siliman University

Siliman University is one of the most popular choices for aspiring nursing students, and it consistently produces a high passing rate among its graduates in the board exams (96.57% this 2009). Located in Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental, it is the first Protestant School to be founded in the country.

University of Santo Tomas


The main strength of UST, the oldest university in the Philippines, lies in its medical and health programs. In the June 2009 nursing board exams, UST produced the most number of topnotchers; in addition, it produced a 99% passing rate among its students (specially impressive if you consider that 479 of their students took the test). If that isn’t enough, this school’s strong academic background and history should be more than enough assurance that you’ll get the quality Nursing education you’re paying for.

University of the East Ramon Magsaysay Memorial Medical Center


The UERM is yet another medical school with a consistently strong performance in the nursing field; in June 2009, 313 out of its 319 nursing graduates passed the board exam. It landed the tenth position in the CHED’s top 10 best nursing schools from 2000 – 2004.

Center of Excellence, level 3 PAASCU Accredited...

Mindanao State University


Located in Marawi City, MSU is regarded to be a strong contender in the nursing schools arena. Its graduates earned respectable passing ratings in the June 2009 nursing boards (92.15%), and a few of its graduates gained a foothold in the list of the top nursing board passers.

Cebu Doctors University

Cebu Doctors University mainly offers courses related to health services, and here’s one unique fact: it’s the only university in the country that doesn’t offer basic education (that is, elementary and highschool). It is located in Mandaue City, Cebu. It garnered a total pass rate of 91.89% in the June 2009 nursing boards.

Saint Louis University

Saint Louis University is located in refreshing Baguio, and it may do well for students to study in the invigorating atmosphere of the city of Pines. This university is consistently in the list of top performing nursing schools, and in 2009, it got a passing rate of 95.42% (second in the category of schools with 1,000 board takers and more).

Trinity University Asia

Formerly known as Trinity College Quezon City, Trinity University is in Quezon City and was established in 1963. Four of its graduates were in the list of board topnotchers in November 2009, and it achieved an over-all rating of 95.06%.

West Visayas State University

Located in Iloilo City, it has been recognized as among the top nursing institutions in the Philippines. In June 2009, 99% of its graduates passed the board exams: not a small feat, considering that this school belongs to the category of schools with more than 100 examinees.

St. Paul College – Dumaguete

St. Paul College is always a school to be respected, but more so its Dumaguete campus where nursing is concerned. It consistently belongs to lists of top performing nursing schools in the country, and it showed an impressive 92.29% passing rate among its graduates for June 2009.




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