Top 10 Magazines in the Philippines

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The magazine industry continues to flourish in the Philippines, but only 10 emerge as the most widely read among the numerous magazines being offered to Filipino readers.


At the heart of FHM is the full satisfaction of every Filipino man. They have the combination of sexy, relevant, funny and useful articles that cater to every aspect that tickle every man’s fancy. FHM stands as a guy’s trustworthy and information-laden best friend that will transcend barriers and allow men to remove inhibitions in discussing topics about life, love and many other things, all the in the backdrop of hot women.

Bringing articles to help make women “fun fearless” females, Cosmopolitan is the woman’s Bible to empowering one’s self. It also keeps the fun fearless females up to date with topics on health, well-being, pop, culture and entertainment.

Good Housekeeping

The magazine for busy mothers, Good Housekeeping is more specific in helping mothers adjust to their life and responsibilities by means of providing relevant and practical articles on how to be a good home maintainer. It is very timely for both working mothers and full-time housewives, with a variety of articles on health, raising children, cooking and many other temporal affairs that complete a mother’s plateful of activities.


Yes magazine remains to be unparalleled as the leading authority in entertainment news. They are able to produce articles that are fresh, filled with attractive visuals and juicy details on the hottest stars in the country. So much was its success that it overflowed into an online entertainment site in the form of Philippine Entertainment Portal.


A magazine of ABS-CBN publishing, Metro has gained a reputation as one of the leading fashion magazines in the country. Fashion news, events, shopping and beauty tips are all combined in Metro.

From first crushes to makeup tips for beginners, Candy is something of a household name among teenage girls. Amidst its competition, Candy remains to dominate the readership among teenagers in the country. They have been in circulation for 10 years and the magazine aims to address the perks and the problems of adolescents, written also by those who are young and able to understand the situation of teenagers.

Men’s Health

A very educational magazine, Men’s Health focuses on health issues that are unique to men. Workout techniques, diet, well-research content on physical and mental well-being are all contained in this magazine, which makes it a favorite among the more pragmatic readers of the male population.

T3 is a website solely for gadgets. It focuses on the latest trends in technology and gadgets. Its very engaging style in informing readers of scientific advancements made it a popular favorite among people who have a penchant for acquiring and getting to know everything about techie stuff. Relevant news stories and tips in maintaining gadgets also make it a very practical reading material.


Entrepreneur magazine is the very upbeat magazine that helps people start or maintain their business. Increase in SME interest of the reading public led this magazine to be one of the top 10 most widely read magazines in the Philippines. Small and medium enterprise enthusiasts need not worry about not having enough business school training to be able to start their craft because relevant articles on business building and exploring entrepreneurial opportunities are all discussed in Entrepreneur.




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